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Stepping Back Into MMOs

Until this past weekend I’ve been mostly playing single player games. That ended as I jumped back into Star Trek Online.

My current project is to make my Chimera-class Heavy Destroyer a fully functioning ship that I have fun breaking out every now and again. The first job is building the three parts to the Nukara Appropriated Munitions set, followed by building the Nukara Strikeforce Technologies set. I recognize that they’re not the best sets in the game, but I’m here to enjoy myself and I’m turning the Chimera into a beam-boat, so nyah. Also, it’s going to take a while to build up enough dilithium for all the parts I’d like to put on her. I’m currently uninterested in working on fleet projects, so that works in my favor. Once this is done, I think I’ll be able to focus on the fleet again. Side note: I’m going to be naming her after my dearly departed dog, Terra, once she’s done and ready for deployment. Durable, fast, and powerful… that’s Terra.

I’ve also had a bit of an itch to hop back into Neverwinter. I haven’t had a chance yet to see just how amazing it looks on this machine, but I did hop in briefly to max out all the settings when I installed it. Shouldn’t be anything short of spectacular looking.

I’m craving some DC Universe Online as well. I made a Power Girl facsimile (Power Girl is my favorite) and I’m hoping to get back to her soon. She’s so satisfying to play!

Other MMOs on my machine right now are Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Lord of the Rings Online, Champions Online, and Uncharted Waters Online. Multiplayer only games are Mechwarrior Online, ME3 Multiplayer, Star Conflict, oh, and Warframe (which I have very little opinion on right now since I’ve barely played it and I’m just not willing to spend time there yet).

If anyone has a recommendation for a fun free-to-play MMO that I could step into and check out, I’d appreciate it.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. Instead of a quote, here’s a helpful article for Star Trek Online players who might be new or at least not entirely aware of all the things you can do in the game.

Sailing the Deep Blue Array of Pixels – Uncharted Waters Online

For a few days now I’ve been caught up in playing a 1500’s sailing game called Uncharted Waters Online. I was initially not attracted to this game, but after giving it a try, it’s remarkable how much fun I’m having sailing around.

There are three base classes: Adventurer, Merchant, and Maritime (or Battle). Within each class are jobs that allow you to pick up some specific skills to do different tasks in the game. For example, the Adventurer has access to Surveyor or Biologist, Merchant could be Accountants or an Animal Trader, and Maritime could be a Junior Officer or a Brigand (to name just a few of the early jobs). There are a lot more and each allows access to a different skillset.

Further, each class has a baseline style of play that can be combined a little or a lot with the others. For example, you could run goods from London to Venice as a Merchant. That gets you trade experience. If you get into a fight, that gets you battle experience. If you find a rare fish or whale or just another town you can wander around in, that gets you adventure experience. You can level up in all three categories as you play regardless of your base class. Doing this allows you to potentially pick up jobs from the other classes or at the very least grab a few skills that those classes offer.

The last few days have seen me try each of the three base classes. I started as a Merchant from Venice (har har), then made a soldier from London, and last night I deleted my merchant and created an Adventurer from Lisbon. I like the concept of moving goods from one port to another, but I didn’t feel as if I was grasping the market strategies well enough, so I moved on to a combat oriented character. Battle is fun in this game (love me some broadsides) but I was wondering what else there was, hence my adventurer. I spent a few hours last night playing and it’s really satisfying to discover new places and creatures and so forth.

My only issue right now is that I wish I could take more than one mission at a time. Also, I really could have used a land battle tutorial before I got my butt kicked in one. Oh, and the learning curve is initially pretty steep but once you have the hang of it, well, it’s going pretty smoothly now. This game has a lot to it and I’m still learning, anxious to see what else I can do.

Until next time! Fair winds and following seas and long may your big jib draw!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Beware of the Sea! If thou hearest the cry of the gull on the shore, Thy heart shall then rest in the forest no more.” – Lady Galadriel