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Discussion – Old games, old friends

As I’ve said in the past (I think), I feel that old games have that level of familiarity and nostalgia that make them better when you get older (or at least more fun). It’s very akin to hanging out with old friends.

Last night I spent several hours playing Mario Kart Wii with a couple of my old friends and we had a riot of a time. We hadn’t played in quite a while, so with all the cursing and the laughing, it was good fun. It got me thinking about other games we used to play together. We used to play computer games like Diablo II, Empire Earth, Age of Empires, and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. We used to play console games like Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart (we played them A LOT). We still play Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars RPG together.

When sharing games with friends, you get some fantastic memories. Like where one friend and I decided to both play Necromancers in Diablo II and wound up slowing the game drastically thanks to our skeleton armies. Or in Galactic Battlegrounds where I played the Republic and my other friend played the Empire and the field was covered in clone troopers and AT-ATs. Or where we were all playing Super Smash Bros. (the original) and one of us was Captain Falcon and two of us were Pikachu (one of us was Darth Pika and the other was his apprentice). Many many hours of gameplay filled with laughter and adventure.

Yesterday I ran a Star Wars RPG game for the first time in a very long time. It was quite fun, but we only played for about four hours and then we decided to do something else. We’ve been playing SWRPG since Wizards of the Coast got their hands on it and we definitely prefer the Saga Edition these days (we feel it’s better and more fun to play than the Revised Core Rules).

Anyways, apologies for writing something kind of disjointed and without much of a point. It’s more of a thought dump today.

Until next time, have a happy 4th of July!

– Elorfin

P.S. “But remember! when it comes to friends, it’s not how much time you spend with them, just how you spend it!” – Eiichiro Oda

A New Year Approaches

… and with that new year, some new things!

I recently acquired a camcorder (Thanks Mom!) and so I intend to bolster my writings here with video posts as well. Of course, it’ll take some time to get used to using the camera and to overcome my embarrassment at talking to a camera in my bedroom, but I’ll do my best. This will occur after I’ve picked up some extra storage space so I can hold onto some of my videos for later use. Oh, and I’ll have to learn how to edit. Thankfully, the software my camera came with seems very sufficient for my intentions and is rather user friendly (or I’m just a quick study).

I’ve been developing a Star Wars Saga Edition campaign for my friends to play through on the 2nd of January. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they handle some of the obstacles I intend to put them up against. I’m expecting them to steamroll certain parts and hiccup on others, but it’s a role playing game and these things are rarely predictable. It’s very possible that the things I think are harsh on my players will be naught but a gnat against their might and vice versa for the simple tasks I’ve laid before them.

Once they’ve played through it, I’ll give a rundown of the campaign itself. I’m tempted to set up my new camera and record the game itself. I do have 10 hours worth of memory cards for my camera (an 8 GB + a 16 GB memory card apparently = 10 hours). We’ll see how things go. I might forget.

I want to give thanks to the BB-61 blog over at the Pacific Battleship Center website for the added traffic these last few days. It was a welcome Christmas present to share my familial pride of the Iowa with a new audience and I’m excited to expose others to my perspectives on gaming… that is, if there’s an interest.

A quick note, lately I’ve been playing LOTRO, Robotrek, Project Legacy, and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. I recently finished watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 2 (great stuff!) and I just finished reading The Sable Quean by Brian Jacques (part of the Redwall series).

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme a lot.” – Mark Twain

I’ve been away for a bit – Let’s Play Catch Up!

Hey folks, I know I haven’t written anything of late here, but I have good reasons!

Let me just say that Assassin’s Creed II (I played it via Steam) is hands down an improvement over the first installment in the series. That said, Brotherhood plays even better (can’t wait for the PC version to come out… I prefer the controls on the computer!). In the spirit of beating games, I dug out my copy of Mr. Robot and whipped that in a couple of days. I also picked up Recettear on Steam and beat that in a couple of days (much fun!).

Star Trek Online did a big environmental update that changed the Sector Space portion of the game into a more graphically pleasing and “natural” environment. Further, they upgraded their crafting system so that the players can build another 400 or so items. End result? My ship, the U.S.S. Iowa-B now has souped up weapons! I spent a lot of time crafting those Phasers and Photon Torpedo Launchers, and they were SO worth it!

If I may, here’s my usual gaming schedule (always subject to changes):

  • Monday Night – Lord of the Rings Online with a friend
  • Tuesday Night – Hanging out with a friend at his place, playing the flavor of the week
  • Wednesday Night – D&D Online with friends
  • Friday Night – Star Trek Online with friends
  • Saturday Night – D&D 4th Edition at a friend’s place
  • Every other Sunday – D&D 3.5 at another friend’s place

Hey, it keeps me busy!

Until next time! Keep on playing!

– Elorfin

P.S. My ship that you see above is named for the U.S.S. Iowa BB-61, the last lead ship of any class of United States battleships. My grandfather commissioned her in 1943 and served on her during World War II. “The Big Stick” is a source of pride in my family and my grandfather was quite tickled that I named my ship for the Iowa. If you look above, I even got the BB-61 on her somewhere.

P.P.S. “All you need to know is this. There are two kinds of games: games that I stop playing because I’ve been bored or frustrated into a state approaching rigor mortis, and games that I stop playing because I’ve just noticed I should have had dinner two hours ago.” – Zero Punctuation

P.P.P.S. I’m using Wikipedia links for my references because in the linked articles, there are links to other relevant sources for whatever I’m referencing. This makes things way easier on me and on you, the reader. Enjoy!

EDIT: December 24th, 1:45 AM – I just got off playing some Star Trek Online and the U.S.S. Iowa-B is looking spiffy with the addition of some cool new equipment. My friend and I refer to it as “Tronning out”. Enjoy!

She looks so awesome! UntilĀ  next time!

No posting? Blasphemous!

That’s pretty much right… it’s downright shameful how I haven’t been posting here.

Mostly it’s because of family and personal reasons, so that’s completely excusable. Partly it’s also because I haven’t been playing many games lately. Well, some Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and some Civilization IV… and Tuesday and Wednesday nights it was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on the 360 with friends. Oh, and I’ve been playing some D&D Online this past week (mostly just Sunday while I was doing laundry and Monday right after waking up).

I’ve been reading the Star Wars Essential Atlas and it’s been giving me ideas for my Star Wars roleplaying game that I play with my D&D group. I suppose they’reĀ  not so much a D&D group any more so much as a Gaming group. *ponders*

Right, just posting to let people know I’m NOT dead and that I really haven’t forgotten about my project here. I’ve just gotten a little sidetracked is all.

After Easter, I hope to get back to reviewing at least one game a week (maybe one per two weeks or two in one week depending on how good or bad my experiences are with them). So, stay tuned!

Until next time, DFTBA!

– Elorfin