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This weekend I spent a good amount of time playing Civilization V. I had been playing Civ IV for so long and the other day I look at the icon on my desktop, went “meh” and then resolved to learn how to play Civ V. I’m on my third duel-sized map and I feel like I’m really getting the hang of the basics of the game.

I started out as Elizabeth of England because I really like the +2 to all naval movement ability and I intentionally started on a tiny islands map to use that. Well, I’ve only been playing on tiny islands maps, but mainly to help me learn how to play without getting screwed over by neighbors. That game wound up with me winning by sheer domination because battleships. Yes, I love the battleships in this game. I love battleships in EVERY game, but they just look so good here.

I moved on to playing Napoleon of France in order to secure a cultural victory. The policy tracks I finished out were Liberty, Tradition, Honor, Piety, and Freedom. It was very satisfying and I really enjoy the policy tracks since they can address many issues or playstyle approaches.

Currently I’m playing Washington of America and I’m working toward a technological victory and maybe a diplomatic (if it works out on a duel-map).

Yesterday, however, I started playing Rift. I saw an ad online somewhere and poked at Steam, found it was on there, and I was amazed at how quickly it downloaded and was ready to play. Seriously, modern marvel this Internet thing. Anyway, I made a mage with a summoner build (there’s these pre-builds that are recommended for starting in on the game as well as for noobs like me). The magic in the game is very satisfying. Plenty of flash and plenty of bang. After several hours of pretty enjoyable play, I switched to a Cleric with a single-target healing build. Lots of fun again. I love clerics who are predominantly ranged with their abilities. Very nice.

Prior to calling it a night last night, I did quick runs on other character builds: the two available warrior builds (sword and board and two-handing) and two rogue builds (huntsman and dervish). I very much prefer the rogue to the warrior in this game (so far) as they just go so much faster. That said, melee combat appears fairly boring as I couldn’t tell the difference between the three baseline attacks each of my “souls” gave me in both classes. I guess I just prefer the flashy nature of spells, but damn, the archery in this game is top notch. Seriously was doubting my choice of going with a rifle after enjoying the bow for so long, but found the rifles just as satisfying. I experienced my first deaths last night as a ranged rogue and wow, that was an experience.

Anyway, I don’t know what else I’m going to do in Rift. I think I’m going to keep my cleric (maybe) or maybe I’ll delete everything and just pick a build I really like and then try to stick to it. All I know is that Rift really hits it out of the park regarding all sorts of mechanics: ranged combat, spells, graphics, and fishing. Crafting is okay by me, as well as all the overland travel (I’m pretty familiar with walking everywhere thanks to having played Lord of the Rings Online).

I’m looking forward to more Rift and Civ V!

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Any man who can drive safely and kiss a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” – Albert Einstein, attributed on the Combustion technological advancement in Civilization V.