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Lunar: Silver Star Harmony – Impression

Hey folks, I’m gonna do a little bonus thingy here for fun. This game is for the Playstation Portable (PSP) and, well, I’ve got a bit of a history with it.

Lunar: The Silver Star originally came out for Sega CD and I remember it being one of the first video games I’d played with voice acting. To be fair, I never owned a Sega console… I always played it at a friend’s house. Later, when I got a Playstation (PSX) and went to college (not in that order), I found that they’d ported it to the Playstation (as Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, I think) and I snagged a copy then. I seem to have misplaced that version, but the series wasn’t dead there. They made a game called Lunar: Dragon Song for the Nintendo DS (which I’m not exactly too fond of) which was a continuation of the original somehow. Well, today I grabbed a copy of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony which is a remake of the original game for Sega. They updated the gameplay graphics, the music was remastered, the voice acting redone (thank god because Nall’s voice was almost painfully high pitched) and all around, this is a great thing!

This game for me is one part awesome, two parts nostalgia, and three parts fun! I never had a bad experience playing Lunar (that I can remember)! (Also, I think that’s a rather large drink, depending on how large a “part” is.)

This game is a typical Japanese RPG translation. You have your hero, Alex, who’s a kid who wants to be just like the legendary Dragonmaster Dyne. You eventually develop a party of heroes who all fit into a particular role… Alex is the beatstick and so forth, but you eventually get a beatstick/tank, a wizard, a healer, and… I could swear there was a fifth person. *laughs* Well, I’m playing the game through again, so yeah, I’ll figure it out! I remember Jessica the claw wielding cleric very clearly, Mia the shy sorceress, Kyle the beatstick (he’s a muscleman of sorts), and of course, Alex the hero. Oh! Nall the little flying pet who also doubles as your menu (for some reason)! Ah! Nash! Right, the cocky wizard with the hair that reminds me of The Fonz!

The upgrade to the original is spot on. I haven’t detected a bad change in the story yet (I’ve only been playing an hour or so, but I’m not going to worry about this point). The graphics upgrade makes it look way better than it did. The music… oh the music sends me back! The voice acting has definitely improved too!

Overall, I’m thrilled here! This is an awesome game that’s made only better with time and plenty of quality remakes!

When in the intro, the goddess Althena starts to sing her melody, oh it was so awesome how quickly I recognized it!

For some reason I remember Alex playing a harp in the original game… hmm. He’s played an ocarina for as long as I can actually remember (PSX and such) but I really do remember a harp somewhere. Hm, time to look that up.

Oh, for reference, here’s a Sega CD screenshot:

And the PSX version:

And now, here’s the PSP version:

Yup, the game has improved graphically over the last… what… 18 years?

I have always highly recommended this game and I can only do so again. The story is classic, the gameplay is straightforward and fun, the music is memorable, and well… I grew up with it, so it must be good, right?

On a similar topic, I’ve been watching the latest incarnation of Knight Rider on Hulu and I’m having way more fun that I thought I would. Ahh, kicking it old school with the new school stuff today, right?

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. I WAS RIGHT! The original game had Alex playing a harp! I remembered it because you had to use it to prevent Alex from taking a crapton of damage at one point. (Yes, crapton is a technical term.) They switched to an ocarina for the Playstation version I believe. Yup, a little research shows that for the Sega Saturn/Playstation remake, they switched out the harp for an ocarina. It makes sense since a harp is a little difficult to move around a lot without having to continuously tune it. For all your Lunar related information, check Lunar-NET!