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Impression – Forsaken World and Global Agenda

Last week, Steam announced a few free-to-play games that you can play through their service. In this short list was Champions Online, Forsaken World, Global Agenda, Spiral Knights, and Alliance of Valiant Arms. Seeing as I’ve already talked about Champions, I’m not interested in Alliance or Spiral Knights (right now, but Spiral Knights art design is/was lead by Ian McConville), I’ll talk about Forsaken World and Global Agenda.

I was playing some Daggerdale a few days ago with a friend. We quit at about 9:30pm or so and we were wondering what else to play. I offered up the new free-to-play games on Steam. After chatting about our options (ignoring Champions as we weren’t in the mood), we settled upon Forsaken World (made by the company Perfect World who has recently acquired Cryptic from Atari, I believe). I was having internet troubles, so I didn’t get to play it right away. My friend built a Kindred Assassin and declared that it was fun.

The next day I hit Forsaken World with a vengeance, trying out a Kindred Vampire for a little while but then switching to a Dwarf Marksman. Later, I even made a Stoneman Protector, a Human Warrior, an Elf Bard, and an Elf Priest. In fact, you can see some gameplay footage of my Human Warrior below. Let me just say (before the imbedding of videos) that I have a lot of fun playing this game. It’s very pretty, I suffer very few technical issues (if any) and it’s easy to play. I’m constantly hitting I for my inventory screen when it’s actually B, but other than that, it’s okay. I actually find myself preferring the Stoneman Protector, Human Warrior, or Elf Priest thus far (levels 17, 17, and 23 respectively). Definitely fun. Oh, the loading screens are fantastic… they’re pencil drawings initially and as it loads, they shift into full color. Lovely.


Now, Global Agenda was apparently originally designed to be a group PvE/PvP game with no real solo content after the tutorial. Recently (I suppose) they added some solo content to appeal to a wider audience. There isn’t a lot of it, but I suppose it’s enough for people to do stuff while they wait for queues to fill up. It’s a refreshing change of pace since there aren’t a lot of science fiction style MMOs out there (some, but not many). The tutorial is very well built, but the game overall is kind of fragile. My first playthrough, the game hung up three times, forcing a restart of the game. Also, when accepting or turning in quests, the game has a bad habit of not processing properly and essentially you wind up waiting around while the game realizes “Oh crap, he clicked FINISH for this quest! Give him the reward! Let him continue!” The graphics are very good, the game is rather easy to play, and I love having a jetpack and body armor. I’ve got a series of videos that’re showing a playthrough of the tutorial.


I hope you check these games out for yourself. They’re quite fun and provide different approaches to the existing MMO models out there. I especially enjoy Global Agenda, but I think I’d really prefer to have a few more friends playing with me so I can do the 4 player PvE content. Oh well. I’m enjoying what I can do.

Until next time, keep on playing!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Happiness in this world, when it comes, comes incidentally. Make it the object of pursuit, and it leads us a wild-goose chase, and is never attained. Follow some other object, and very possibly we may find that we have caught happiness without dreaming of it.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne