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Recovery Gaming

This past week I was mostly too sick to focus on games. Around Thursday I was able to play a little of Borderlands 2 and I also played a bit of Starbound. Friday it was more Borderlands 2 and some XCOM Enemy Within. Saturday it was mainly XCOM Enemy Within, and Sunday I played more XCOM, a bit of Borderlands 2, and some Dungeon Dashers.

I’m still pushing along in True Vault Hunter Mode in Borderlands 2, but as I’m done with the story, I have all the DLC to work through. I polished off both of the holiday DLCs I have and made a start on Captain Scarlett and Sir Hammerlock as well as doing the initial run of Digistruct Peak. I’m now level 53 on my lovely Mechromancer.

Starbound is a lovely game that’s still in a fairly early beta (or late alpha depending) state. The easiest way for me to put it is… it’s like Minecraft but viewed from the side. I enjoy it, but I’m really looking forward to the inclusion of more quests.

XCOM Enemy Within is an amazing expansion to the Enemy Unknown game. Adding MEC Troopers and Genetic Modifications to the mix really changes up how I approach the game and the introduction of new aliens really mixes things up. Further, there are some incredible additions to the mission layout… like the Covert Operations missions, that one mission with nothing but zombies and Chryssalids, Operation Progeny (that has a really cool dam mission), invading the EXALT base, having my own base invaded by the aliens (incredibly fun), and on and on. Just so cool. Tragically, I have to play at least one more vanilla Enemy Unknown game because I missed some tech the first time around and missed an achievement, but it shouldn’t be a big deal. I’m almost done with my first EW playthrough and I started a second last night to get it underway.

Dungeon Dashers is another indie game that is right up my alley. It’s essentially a turn based dungeon dive with a party of four adventurers. It can be difficult if you don’t pay attention, and it’s still in its early days (early beta) but it’s playable and a lot of fun.

I’m going to go play some more XCOM Enemy Within and maybe some Borderlands 2. Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Enemy Within has an entirely new set of achievements. I actually think achievements are pretty easy to create, if you have good gameplay systems and a lot of new content to add. This certainly was the case for XCOM: Enemy Within! The harder part is naming them with appropriate puns and Science Fiction references.” – Ananda Gupta, Lead Designer, XCOM Enemy Within.