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Late to the Party – Borderlands 2

This post is later than usual (I typically write these in the morning or early afternoon, not well into the evening). It’s a side effect of me finally purchasing Borderlands 2 Game of the Year edition off of Steam and just playing that all afternoon/evening. I know, it’s been out a while and everyone’s already kicked the crap out of it, but I just finally got around to getting it so, nyah.

My first and farthest character is a level 9 Mechromancer. I’ve been enjoying using a sniper rifle most of the time in combination with a pistol that has burst fire upon zooming. So far I’m up to Sanctuary or whatever it’s called, but I’ve doubled back to do a side quest I forgot about in the bay. Wound up doing a different side quest on the way. This feels like Fallout, but with a better sense of humor and a brighter color palette. Oh, and more ammo!

This is one of the few new-fangled FPS games that doesn’t make me motion sick. I think it might have to do with the very stylized approach the art in this game takes. To say I’m enjoying myself is an understatement.

However, there are a few things I’m puzzled about…

Can I swim? I’m not sure I want to try and I’ve been avoiding the water because I’d rather not die or whatever. I know there’s no falling damage (I’m so grateful for that) and I happened to choose the most new player friendly class there is.

What’s the respawn rate on these places? Is it a couple of in-game days or do they respawn if I’ve been away from the locale for too long?

Which character is the tankiest of them all?

Anyway, I’m still playing the game (it’s up in the background right now) and I’d love to get back to it and snipe a few more marauders. It’s fun when the heads go “pop”!

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Spectacular — first Captain Flynt’s bandits attack, then Claptrap shows up! I must have been horrifyingly cruel to puppies in a previous life to deserve this kind of treatment.” – Sir Hammerlock