A thoughtful and personal exploration of games

About the Author

I’m your author, Thomas Rohan. Welcome to my little corner of intangibility.

A bit of gaming background: I’ve been playing all sorts of games since 1987 courtesy of my father introducing me to computers at the ripe age of 4. From there I developed an affinity for a wide variety of games. My first RPG was Starflight (look it up kids) and I cut my teeth on Civilization, Sim City, F-19 Stealth Fighter, Empire, Starfleet, and many more. Today I’m a big fan of MMOs and derivatives of my early loves. The games that had the largest impact on me growing up are the Wing Commander series (3 and 4 especially), X-COM, Civilization, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI (it was III when I played it), Final Fantasy Tactics, Star Wars: Dark Forces, Baldur’s Gate, and Fallout. My first MMO love was Star Wars Galaxies and I currently have a lifetime subscription to Star Trek Online, a subscription to Star Wars: The Old Republic, and a vested interest in continuing to play Lord of the Rings Online (read: I dropped a bunch of cash on it and love my Captain).

A touch of personal background: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice from George Mason University and have an Associates in Accounting from NOVA. I love my pets, and I much prefer PCs to consoles (side effect of never really having consoles growing up, I swear I like consoles too!). I’m not fond of long walks on the beach (mainly because the sand hurts to walk on after a fashion), but I love being by the water. My grandfathers were both career US Navy and as a result I’m a second-generation Navy brat (all the perks but none of the constant moving). One of my grandfathers served on the USS Iowa during World War II and subsequently I’m a big fan of battleships and naval combat (yes, I know battleships are obsolete, shush). I’m a big fan of Star Wars (yes, even the prequels), Star Trek, Babylon 5, Redwall, and more. I’m constantly striving to become a better person and more knowledgeable about all sorts of things while maintaining the awareness of my own potential for silliness and stupidity.

I originally started this blog in order to analyze why I like what I like and how I could maybe find more of it. That goal hasn’t changed much over the years, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to deliver more critical thinking and clever writing than I have in the past. I’m aiming to write less of the fire from the hip style “what I did this week in gaming” articles and more of the thoughtful articles that really get me excited. I intend to keep my personal life off of here as much as possible while keeping the focus entirely on games, gaming, playing, and so forth. If I find myself compelled to write about an amazing board game, a D&D experience, a computer game, a console game, a mobile game, a card game, that one time I got really high swinging on the swing set at school, I’ll do it. It’s still all about me trying to see why I like what I like. Hopefully by doing this, I can inspire others to question their play and maybe they’ll enjoy it all the more for it.