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Since Tuesday’s release of the 2.0 patch for Diablo III, I’ve been playing nothing but Diablo III. Seriously.

One of the biggest changes was the loot. The loot system has been revised in such a way that while it feels like fewer things are dropping, most of them are relevant to the class that you’re playing. I’m also seeing one to two legendaries dropping per session when I didn’t use to see ANY. It’s almost like the game wants you to be equipped properly with new stuff every level. You know, like they want you to feel rewarded and to have a good time. It’s working.

Other changes that were big were skills for classes. Namely, the Wizard lost the passive Critical Mass, which would have a chance of cooling down all your spells by 1 second per critical hit. It was such a popular passive and it used to ALWAYS cool down on critical hits until they added the “chance” part. Now it’s gone, so I’m stuck with a pretty high attack speed (2.79 or so) and a decent critical chance (46+%). That said though, I can use all kinds of skill sets now without worry since I’m pretty well equipped. I’m a fan of theme approaches, so all fire, all ice, all electricity are so much fun. I’m playing around with skills I never really bothered with in the past and it’s really enjoyable.

My current goal is to get one of each class up to level 60 so I can clean out the legendaries piling up in my stash. I’m very close with both the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor and the Monk is coming up quickly. I encountered a problem with the Demon Hunter last night though: I died as soon as I popped into the game. I revisited my skills, ported to the quest I was working on last, and died almost instantaneously. I don’t know, I beat Normal difficulty the first time with my Demon Hunter, got her to level 45, and then started playing my favorite class (wizard) and just never got back to her. I feel bad because I basically don’t know how to play a Demon Hunter any more. That said, I’m hoping to remedy that soon, but maybe after the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor ding 60.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been working on lately. I’m excited for the expansion (which I pre-ordered, though I really think the $60 deluxe one isn’t really worth all the extras over the $40 version: a cosmetic pet for D3, a pet for WoW, forum avatars for SC2, and three bonus character slots? Sorry, not really worth the extra $20. Make that pet in D3 pick up my gold for me and I’ll love you forever).

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Look at that thing over there! Let’s kill it.” – Lyndon, Scoundrel follower.


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