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A Whole New World… of Warplanes

This past week I’ve been hopping in, flying around, and typically getting shot down in the recently made live game World of Warplanes.

Developed by those folks who brought you World of Tanks (I have yet to try it, but give me time) and who are working on World of Warships (LET ME LOVE YOU LIKE YOU DESERVE! Ahem), World of Warplanes is a very very beautiful, quick to pick up, extremely difficult to play PvP game.

Matches are typically 15 v. 15 and you can fly with and against planes from any of the five nationalities provided: U.S., U.S.S.R., Germany, Japan, and U.K. There are currently three general categories of planes that play pretty differently from each other: Fighters, Heavy Fighters, and Attack Aircraft. Every nations planes flies differently from each other and each generation of planes is also different from those that came before.

It’s pretty friendly to start. I started with a Tier 1 biplane from each nation and was able (through some trial and error) to figure out what to do and how to get things done.

Also, my friend ridicules me pretty regularly about my affection for the Imperial system of measurement when he’s so used to Metric. I just prefer my way to his, so nyah.

I shared some things about the game in the first part of my weekly video, so that’ll be in the P.S. portion below. The last portion of the video is the recent release of Galactic Starfighter for Star Wars: The Old Republic. It plays kind of similarly.

Well, I’d like to go get shot down a few more times… oh! Let’s see what my stats are after playing the game for a week.

WorldOfWarplanes 2013-12-09 15-09-28-09

Yeah, I wasn’t kidding about getting shot down most of the time. I currently have a 23% survival rate. That goes with my 57% win rate. I’m not the best pilot by any means, but for some reason I’m having fun, so it’s a win for me!

Until next time!

– Elorfin



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