A thoughtful and personal exploration of games

Time Management

Recently my trusty laptop died. I’ve since purchased a replacement, but it won’t arrive until September 6th. Further, I have started school again and it’s sucking up a lot of the time I used to have for gaming (thankfully). I’m also dealing with a sick pet, so there’s that.

Around all of those things, I’ve been using my Dad’s desktop to get things done online. Mainly, I’m playing through Star Wars: The Old Republic again as a Jedi Knight (Guardian). I also built another Trooper (which I have no idea what I’m going to do with, maybe Vanguard) and I have a Smuggler I’m intending on playing as a Gunslinger.

All in all there’s been a lot of stressful things going on, but I’m hoping that my new machine will make a world of difference. I’ll share the stats once it’s arrived.

Until then!

– Elorfin

P.S. Oh! There’s an expansion to XCOM Enemy Unknown coming soon called XCOM Enemy Within. Check it out!


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