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A Return to Trek – Star Trek Online

The last few posts I’ve been focused mostly on other games. In the background I’ve been popping into Star Trek Online here and there to help a friend work on STFs and mark grinding and so forth. This past weekend though, I dove in again because we’re pushing a bit on our fleet holdings and I’m a major contributor.

So, come with me as I go to handle a new upgrade for our oft ignored Embassy holding…


I typically log out at Starfleet Academy. It’s a pretty out of the way place (more or less) and the cafeteria corner is a favorite because it’s even more out of the way but close enough to all the services I like to use. Let’s beam up.


Ah, good old Earth and Earth Spacedock. No, I don’t know who that Odyssey is beside me. I’m just here to transwarp to my station.


And here we are… home. Let’s dock and I’ll show you what I’m attempting to do right now as I write this post…


Well, I guess it won’t let me show you any windows with the good old print screen function (and I don’t feel like opening FRAPS), so here’s what’s going on: the Embassy upgrade for its Recruit facilities requires 116 common duty officers. Our fleet personnel officer allows us to purchase random common duty officers for a few fleet credits. Therefore, I’m going to tap my vast stores of fleet credits (a side effect from being the top of the leaderboard for all three of our current holdings – not bragging, just a sign of my lack of a life) in order to get this done quickly.

At any rate, there’s a lot of grinding and contributing that needs doing and I’m quite good at it. As of right before this duty officer thing, I’m sitting at 2,291,038 lifetime fleet credits for the Starbase, 228,753 for the Embassy, and 791,248 for the Dilithium Mine. Mind, this is a small fleet and I’ve spent more time playing STO than most of my members. In fact, I got most of my friends to play STO with me after I’d been playing for a month or so.

I’ve also recently finished the most comprehensive overhaul of the Iowa to date, replacing all but one of her weapon systems, her primary systems, and several consoles as well as updating others. She’s fighting fit and a joy to fly in every situation. I’m toying with the idea of overhauling my Delta Flyer, but I’m still wondering what to do there (doing both Borg equipment sets is very tempting and I’m leaning that way). In the meantime, I’m taking advantage of the Iowa to help fund a lot of what I want to do with the fleet holdings (obviously with a considerable amount of help from my fleet mates).

Well, nothing for it… I’d best get purchasing and contributing duty officers! Today I also expect to spend a lot of time getting marks and dilithium.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “I’m not good in groups. It’s hard to work in groups when you’re omnipotent.” – Q


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