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Three Times More Fun Than Expected – Triple Town

If you’ve been paying attention to it, the Steam Summer Sale is currently slashing prices on all kinds of games. Some of these games are so inexpensive now that it’d cost more not to buy them (in a way).

Browsing the sale list the other night, I found a little gem: Triple Town. It’s a tablet game port to PC (so no micropayments) and I grabbed it for about 4 bucks. I’ve been playing it nearly non-stop since I got it. Essentially it’s a match-three style of game but there’s some sort of strategy because when you drop the third item, it replaces all three with an upgraded object. If you’re trying to get higher end constructs, you need to plan way in advance while using the limited space provided.

Honestly, it came along at just the right time for me. I spent this last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday doing copious amounts of Star Trek Online in order to help a friend get marks and set pieces and so forth for his ship. It helped me too, but it was more exciting to help him finish out a set. So come Saturday night, I was getting kind of burned out and then I saw the Sale going on and figured, “Oh why not?” I stumbled upon Triple Town and basically lucked into a relaxing little game with a complex mechanic that’s easy to play around with. Essentially I’ve been on vacation the last 24 hours with this game.

I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve taken to playing it while I upload my daily let’s play videos. With this game, I experience the “one more turn” syndrome that I developed while playing Civilization, so I need to be careful lest the whole day is gone. I highly recommend this game.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “You really reach a point where you’re like “I think it’s actually more expensive for me not to buy this”.” – Burnie Burns

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