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Post-Apocalyptic Beginnings – Fallout 3

So yesterday I finally knuckled under and purchased Fallout 3 on Steam. I’d previously played and beaten Fallout and Fallout 2 (although I much prefer Fallout since I know that game pretty darn well) and I’d forgotten one thing: the moment I leave the comfort of the starting zone, I’m totally and completely lost. Like, seriously lost. If it wasn’t for the compass on the bottom left of the screen, I would’ve probably died to sunstroke or something before finding a settlement. Okay, that’s an exaggeration since I’m better at games than I like to think I am.

Considering Fallout 3 has been out a while, I’m going to guess that no one minds a few spoilers, so here we go. I found the intro to the game to be pretty robust. I enjoyed the kind of on-the-rails gameplay in the Vault because it really did help to introduce me to the world and get familiar with the controls. I’m still struggling with first-person perspective, so I bounce between 3rd person and first a lot. Yay motion sickness!

Upon exiting the Vault my first time, I didn’t really notice the compass, so I just made my way out to the scenic outlook sign and took in the scenery, trying to figure out where this town called Megaton that’d I’d read about in the Overseer’s notes was. Eventually I made my way down to the road and hung a left, walking my way between the skeletal forms of single family homes and past a former gas station and being serenaded by a floating robot with speakers that talked with Malcom McDowell’s voice. Immediately I’m suspicious because, well, Admiral Tolwyn encourages such a thing from me.

Eventually I found signs pointing my way to Megaton and upon entering I stopped playing. It’s hard to not feel overwhelmed by the game. It’s the same sensation I got when playing Final Fantasy VII and I just left Midgard or Baldur’s Gate and I’d just left Candlekeep and Gorion was killed. There are plenty of fish-out-of-water situations, but the D.C. Area Wasteland is simultaneously covered in enemies and moderately familiar to me. It’s hard to tell which is dangerous: the enemies or my potentially useless area knowledge.

Anyway, in every fight thus far (not many) I’ve thanked God for the VATS system since I’m typically a horrible shot. More or less. Here’s hoping I don’t get in too much trouble as I play more.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Question 1; A frenzied vault scientist runs up to you and yells I’m gonna put my Quantum Harmoniser in your Photonic Resonation Chamber. What’s your response?” – Mr. Brotch during the G.O.A.T. test.

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