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Heavy Duty Focus – Goal Reaching in Star Trek Online

This past week has turned from bouncing between Star Trek Online and Neverwinter to almost exclusively playing Star Trek Online. I’m primarily focused on overhauling the Iowa and changing my play strategy to reflect some of the current winning tactics from the forum gurus. I even started my own thread asking for advice on the forums and managed to develop a new build.

It’s going to take time though. I need to build up a lot of Omega and Romulan marks for the equipment I intend to use, all while building up a whole hell of a lot of dilithium. Let me put this in perspective…

For the equipment I have yet to gain, I will need 15,000 dilithium each for the Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher, the Experimental Romulan Plasma Beam Array, the Romulan Hyper Plasma Torpedo Launcher, and the Zero Point Energy Conduit. That’s 60k right there. Then I need to get my hands on three mark XII Romulan Plasma Beam Arrays, each valued at around 28k for a total of just under another 90k. Then I need to build myself a Mark XII MACO set which… I don’t really remember how much dilithium it needs, but probably another 15k each minimum for another 45k. So, that’s 185k dilithium. At approximately 480 dilithium per 15 minutes of play, that’s over 96 hours of play only working on dilithium gain.

On top of the dilithium gain, I need to get those marks. For the Romulan equipment, I’ll need a total of 1500 marks which should be pretty quick considering all the stuff I can do to gain Romulan marks. For the Omega equipment, I’ll need 500 for the torpedo launcher and then another 1000 per piece of MACO. That’s 3500 Omega marks. At an estimated 45-57 per hour of the three baseline space STFs on normal difficulty, that’s between 61 and 77 hours of play.

Also, there’s the 8000 dilithium per day refinement limit, so there’s that I get to deal with.

That all said, each normal difficulty space STF gives 480 dilithium. If I just focus on that for a while, I’ll be double-dipping my Omega marks and dilithium gain, so that will certainly streamline my play.

There’s a lot of work to do yet to get the Iowa to her new loadout, but I’ve already pushed forward on some changes. The first issues addressed were my bridge officer skills. I’ve swapped out a pair of officers, changed up almost my entire stable of abilities, and I’m prepared to respec my own captain’s skills. I’ve also changed out my Duty Officers and I’ve pulled away from my rapid fire torpedo plan. I’ve swapped out an aft torpedo launcher for the Kinetic Beam and I’ve replaced my phased tetryon beam arrays with plasmas for use in the interim.

It’s strange abandoning a build I came up with on my own. I’m a little scared, but hey, I think there’s bigger and better things in store for the Iowa and change always comes with a bit of struggle. I think this is going to be a lot of fun and well worth the effort. I just need to pace myself.

Until next time, I need to get to work!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time.” – Abraham Lincoln


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  1. Hey, it looks like we’re in the exact same position. This Romulan is only my second level 50 in STO, and the first that I’ve actually cared to start doing dailies on. I definitely want to get all of the same gear that you do, so I’m looking at a comparable slog toward those beautiful, beautiful plasma beams.

    As for a build: I’m using the Haakona warbird, which has the luxury of a Commander Engineering and a Universal Lt. Commander, which I make an engineering slot. It might not be the most exciting use of my bridge officer powers, but I’ve given each station EPtWI and EPtSIII. (The forums call this a ‘Dragon’ build.) I know that many people swear by the Aux2Bat build, and I’m certain it’s good — but I don’t have the experience to tell which build would be better for me. I know that an Aux2Bat build can, under ideal circumstances, get 125 power in Weapons, Shields, and Engines, while the Dragon set-up is focused on just Weapons and Shields. However, the EP abilities give other bonuses, as well — EPtW gives an energy damage boost on top of boosting power, and EPtS mitigates shield damage.

    All of this said, my Haakona seems to be holding its own without expensive bridge officers or equipment. So it’s at least good to gearing up.

    If you ever want to do dailies together, drop me a tell!

    June 3, 2013 at 11:50 AM

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