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Inquisitor? I’m still getting to know her…

Since Tuesday afternoon, I’ve been playing one character in Star Wars: The Old Republic – my Sith Inquisitor turned Sorcerer, Ni’luri’aria. She’s a Lethan Twi’lek (red skinned) with tattoos on her face and lekku (head tails) and she has purple eyes (to match the lightning coming from her fingers). Here, have a picture from earlier in her career…

swtor 2013-04-18 13-15-34-85

She’s level 34 now, so obviously this was taken a few days ago. Also, as you can see, I have the graphics turned down because my computer is old. Apparently my three most recently played characters all have apostrophes in their names, are female aliens, and are all Imperial. Huh, how about that.

My first real Inquisitor (I’ve had two others that were kind of false starts), she’s been a ton of fun to play and I finished Chapter 1 last night. I’ve been training her up the Lightning skill tree, so there’s lots of double-firing of abilities going on. Further, she’s been using mostly orange equipment (customizable pieces) so that I could save money on that sort of stuff. I’ve been taking advantage of the newly revised Planetary Commendation system and purchasing armorings, hilts, mods, and enhancements as needed. So, while her appearance isn’t changing much at all, she’s definitely keeping up with what her level allows. Also, thanks to the pre-order bonus for Rise of the Hutt Cartel, she’s able to train in the field courtesy of the holographic Hutt trainer, Dr. Oggurobb. This drastically minimizes the wait on keeping up with my skills and reduces my traveling around to hit up my class trainer.

I’ve been playing her with a fair amount of whimsy. When a light or dark decision pops up, I choose whichever one floats my boat at that time. Thus far, she’s been stuck in the neutral realm of things. Last I checked she was leaning light but only barely with something like 2000 light side points but 1850 dark side points or whatever (it’s narrowly above a net zero score). It’s fun and I’m looking forward to seeing which way she eventually winds up. I don’t especially care about going fully one way or the other, I mean, being Sith, it’s mostly whimsy as is.

I’ve just arrived in orbit over Taris (last night) and so I’m looking forward to finding out first hand what this ruined world has in store for me. Me, I hope I can handle it. From her perspective, well, best get out of her way or you’ll receive a mighty shock (she doesn’t have much in the way of patience for people who beat around the bush or are generally annoying and that includes most NPCs that you can fight).

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Murder and mayhem await!” – Ni’luri’aria


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