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SW:TOR-ing It Up

This past weekend I jumped back into Star Wars: The Old Republic. No, I didn’t really touch the new content of Makeb, but I did collect some of the new commendations (that replaced all the old ones), I maxed out my crew skills on Saya’fida (Slicing, Treasure Hunting, and Scavenging), I ran around some planets getting lore entries and collecting achievements, and I finally was able to do the very last space mission, The Ascendancy Barrier/The Impossible Sector and I’m able to do it reliably.

The sense of relief late Friday night that I could do that final space mission was palpable. As soon as I finished it on Saya’fida, I switched to my other 50, Zyphus, and did it for him. It was GLORIOUS and the daily reward is WORTH IT: a lump of experience, an item for the new reputation system, a pile of fleet commendations, and FOUR of the new Classic Commendations (which will certainly help get me new equipment).

A note on the new legacy achievement system: it’s not entirely without issue. They have some tasks they need to remove from several of the space achievements in order to make them, I don’t know, DOABLE. There’s some objectives that cannot be done at all, and no, this isn’t just because I can’t do them, there’s literally no way to do them. There’s no communications tower in Fondor Escort to blow up, so unless they add one (unlikely), they’re going to have to pull that line out of the achievement requirements.

Also, all of the exploration categories per planet seem to have a higher cap by 10 points than what’s currently able to be done. For example, getting all the lore, bestiary, datacron, and location entries would net you 70 points while the category maximum is 80 points. I’m not sure if they did that intentionally in order to leave room for more stuff or if that was just an accident.

Oh, they could give achievement points to the Pets category, that’d be cool. Also, if they could make the PAX 2012 Taun Faun available to those of us who weren’t paying attention or were unable to attend, that’d be great. I’m a bit of an achievement hunter when it comes to MMOs, but I gravitate to the ones that are easier to get more than not. I do recognize that I’m going to need to take advantage of my last couple of character slots to make new characters and grind out the starter planet kills. No problem as I enjoy it and the new characters would benefit from the experience points and loot more than my level 50’s would. Also, some lore entries and several achievements are only available to certain classes in the game, so you do have to play every class in order to get all the achievements. Some classes more than once (I’m looking at you, Sith Warrior).

Anyway, I’m excited by the new achievement system. It’s really comprehensive and once they iron out the existing issues (probably in a patch later this week if we’re lucky) I think my achievement point score will bounce up overnight. Oh, a small thing… certain achievements award a few cartel coins! That’s ALWAYS welcome since they started adding cool things to the Cartel Market that I actually want!

Oh, and the space missions? So much fun for me. Grade 7 space equipment for the win!

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Corrected an issue that could cause a crash to desktop directly after clicking “Play”.” – 2.0.0a Patch Notes for Star Wars: The Old Republic, dated 4/10/13.


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