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Sentinel Selection – Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

I’m currently in the prolonged process of getting all six of the categories of kits in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer up to level 20 before promoting them and starting all over again. It’s a personal goal kind of thing. Last night I finished up with Engineer (I love my Quarian Engineer!) and now I have a tough decision to make on which Sentinel I play. Here, check out my view of things:

MassEffect3 2013-04-01 10-45-38-78

MassEffect3 2013-04-01 10-46-00-04

The darkened ones are the locked classes I haven’t received yet through the random packs you can purchase. The “new” ones are characters I haven’t ever used in the past. The “level up” or blank characters are the ones I’ve played before.

This decision is hard because I haven’t proven myself especially good at playing a Sentinel. I’m hit or miss with the Adept, Infiltrator, and Vanguard and I’m half-way decent with the Soldier and Engineer.

I’m thinking I’ll try out the N7 Paladin (the guy with the orange shield) for a bit and then maybe (if that doesn’t work) fiddle around with the Volus (the short guy next to the shield guy) or the Human Male (guy on the far left of the row). It really depends on how I feel about their power loadout. The Volus is cool because it comes with a shield boost ability that restores shields to himself and others around him. Also, the Volus has a combat drone that flies around and zaps things, as well as a decoy ability where he can throw a copy of himself down and it can draw aggro from the enemy. Down side is he’s short and can’t take cover, but his melee is a personal cloak… so…

Wait, why am I choosing the Paladin again?

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Let’s get paid!” – any Volus in ME3 Multiplayer upon starting the extraction wave.


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