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Star Trek Online – A Review of the Andorian Escorts

Recently I mentioned that the new Andorian Escorts were a thing and a very pretty thing at that. A few days after that post, the escorts became a reality and I purchased them without a second thought.

Right away, I chose the engineering variant (the Charal-class) and mixed and matched the Mark X Andorian Phasers from the three ships to get an array of weapons to try out. I also combined all three special consoles on the ship and borrowed parts from my other ships to get it up in the sky for a test flight.

After a significant amount of trial and error (about two or three days of changing things out and trying new things) I finally settled on the right equipment and skills for me. Just last night I was able to change out the last two normal Phasers for Andorian Phasers.

The I.G.V. Hybor (named for the were-rabbit of the Andorian homeworld that becomes feral when exposed to low temperatures) is currently able to run through daily missions in quick order. I’m still getting the hang of it, but I have particular strategies that work for me.

On the equipment side of things, well, I have a screenshot that I can easily explain from top to bottom.

I.G.V. Hybor Equipment

I.G.V. Hybor Equipment

I could take a bunch of screenshots and cut out the relevant information, but it’s easy enough to just list it here.

Fore Weapons: 2x Andorian Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XI [Dmg] [Acc]x2, Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XI [Acc] [Dmg]x2, Andorian Dual Phaser Beam Bank Mk XI [Dmg] [Acc]x2, and Kumari Phaser Wing Cannons [Dmg]x4

Deflector Array: M.A.C.O. Graviton Deflector Array Mk XI

Engines: M.A.C.O. Impulse Engines Mk XI

Shields: M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield Array Mk XI

Aft Weapons: 2x Andorian Phaser Beam Array Mk XI [Dmg] [Acc]x2

Devices: Some shield batteries (I never use them unless things are REALLY bad)

Engineering Consoles: Rare RCS Accelerator Mk XI (+35% Flight Turn Rate), Uncommon RCS Accelerator Mk XII (+35% Flight Turn Rate), Rare EPS Flow Regulator (+70% Power Transfer Rate), Rare Neutronium Alloy Mk XI (+17.5 Kinetic and All Energy Resistance Rating)

Science Consoles: Rare Field Generator Mk XI (+17.5% Maximum Shield Capacity), Tachyon Induction Relay (Andorian Assault Set)

Tactical Consoles: 2x Rare Phaser Relay Mk XI (+26.2% Phaser Damage), Wing Cannon Platforms (Andorian Assault Set), Phaser Dispersal Array (Andorian Assault Set)

The cannons (the dual heavies and the wing cannons) all have a 45 degree arc of fire and the dual beam bank and torpedo both have a 90 degree arc of fire, so the goal was to bring them to bear as often as possible and take advantage of this significant firepower. The two RCS Accelerators taken together increase the base turn rate of the ship by a total of 70% taking it from turning at 16 degrees a second to about 27.2 degrees a second. This means that the former 11.25 second 180 degree turn is now 6.6 seconds. This ship turns QUICK. The Alloy allows for it to absorb a bit more damage than usual and the Flow Regulator allows for its power settings to come back faster after significant drains or when I’ve messed around with the settings. A flat bonus to shields and phaser damage rounds out the consoles.

My strategy when approaching combat in the daily missions is to throttle down to half impulse speed at approximately 10.1-10.3 kilometers out to promote time on target for my forward arc. I typically stay at one-half speed on approach for my main weapons, then once I’m forced to do a lot of turning to fire, I throttle up, get some distance, and then drop to half speed again once I’m ready for another pass. I usually go full speed to get away from exploding ships too.

I use my tactical skills as often as possible with slightly different strategies for taking on single targets versus groups. For single targets, I start with High Yield 2 and prepare Cannon Rapid Fire 2 once I’m in range for it to fire. I will also likely use the Wing Cannon Overload or the Tachyon Burst attacks from the set to add a bit of something extra to the strike. For groups of enemies, I queue up Torpedo Spread 2 and hit Cannon Scatter Volley 2 as soon as I’m able to fire. That said, if I’ve already used my primary skill, I’ll switch to the other one to speed things up.

Overall, the Andorian Escort is a joy for a tried and true Cruiser captain to fly. Typically I don’t turn very fast in my Iowa, but then again, I don’t have any 45 degree weaponry. It helps change things up for me, which is the reason I maintain four ships in-game. The goal here was to make this ship have all its own equipment so that I wouldn’t have to keep swapping it all around. For the most part I achieved that (I borrowed the M.A.C.O. set, alloy, flow regulator, and field generator from other ships).

I highly recommend the Andorian Escort for a great looking and incredibly fun way to tear through your enemies.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. Andorian Phasers are blue when fired and actually do more damage than their normal orange counterparts. At least, that’s what I’m seeing in comparison between my old Phaser Beam Array [Acc] [Dmg]x2 and the Andorian Phaser Beam Array [Dmg] [Acc]x2 weapons listed above.

P.P.S. And now, the obligatory quote. “I feel the need, the need for speed.” – Top Gun Tagline


2 responses

  1. Joker

    Why the beam banks?

    Running dual heavy cannons and dual cannons up front will significantly increase your alpha strike abilities. The faster cycle rate of fire more then makes up for the base dps comparison. Same with turrets in the back to make full use of Cannon: rapid fire as well as constant dps on the Target due to 360 degree arc.

    I am unaware if it requires you to have the phaser banks to perform the Phaser Disperse ability, which would make sense. If so then yea dual beam bank up front. If not and it acts like the spinal lance then full cannons and tally Ho mate, this is going to be a short fight.

    Also when you deploy the wing cannon platform thing.. does it remove the 2 slots from the ship? So after deployment your only firing 3 out of 5 weapons off the front? If so then its a major dps hit upon deployment except the quad guns keeping your moderate dps.

    I am saving to purchase them as well so thank you for your breakdown and review.

    July 15, 2013 at 10:53 PM

    • Deploying the Wing Cannons does not reduce your firepower in any way. They’re treated as extra guns on top of what you have equipped. It’s like having fighters that only shoot at what you’re shooting.

      The Phaser Dispersal ability doesn’t require having anything other than the specific equipment that allows it to occur. It’s a special attack like the spinal lance.

      The reason I use a dual beam bank is because I’m trying to be economical with my bridge officers. If I replace the beam I’d have a useless beam specific ability that I like to have for my Assault Cruiser Refit. The dual beam bank works pretty well for me but your mileage may vary.

      It’s a very pretty and overall extremely powerful ship. I highly recommend it. So much fun.

      July 15, 2013 at 11:09 PM

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