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No Disintegrations – Finishing a Bounty Hunter in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Back at the tail end of October 2012, I started posting a series of videos of me playing my Chiss Bounty Hunter Saya’fida. I only shared the Bounty Hunter’s story missions and companion conversations. Now, all that is over, at least until the Hutt Cartel expansion comes out in a couple of months. I have a few thoughts to share about finishing up the Bounty Hunter though…

I wasn’t entirely thrilled with how Mako’s story ends. I kind of thought there would be a bit more closure than there was. Instead we get a bit how Izak wants to talk to Mako later and then the very next (and last) conversation we have with her is about how cool we think each other is. I really hope they flesh out the tail end of that conversation soon. I’d love to find out why there was more than one Mako running around and what was up with Project 32 or whatever it was called. Mako is hands down one of my favorite companions in the game and she was a joy to have on hand for my adventures.

Now that I’m playing end-game content (Flashpoints and Operations), I realized that I really should have gone up a different skill tree. In hindsight, all the fights were taking a lot longer than they needed to because I wasn’t set up for all out DPS (damage per second) but more focused on staying alive. It worked out okay, but now that I’ve since respecialized Saya’fida into a DPS build, she’s exceptionally deadly. I have a couple of friends who I play with now and she’s really shining.

I’m thinking of either showing how to get the Datacrons in the game or soloing some Flashpoints just for the opportunity to show off how she is now. There’s maybe seven flashpoints she can easily solo and there’s a few that I’ve never done. I’m actually feeling like I’d enjoy recording a Black Talon run today.

All that said, now that I’m done, I’m not sure what else to do. I would like to play through the game with the Force-using classes in the game and overall I have 6 classes left to beat the game with (seeing as I beat it with the Smuggler prior to the Bounty Hunter playthrough). Right now I’m having a bit too much fun playing my awesome Saya’fida though.

When the current Let’s Play series is over (the final episode goes up on Wednesday) I’ll play around with making a playlist out of it all. Then… we’ll see. Saya’fida won’t go away any time soon. She’s a joy to play and I’m proud of what I’ve done.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “You may not know how to handle a blaster, but you’re prepared to die for what you believe in. That’s good enough for me.” – Saya’fida to Supreme Chancellor Janarus


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