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Silvery-goodness: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

My friends have become well versed in recent weeks as to my aversion to harder maps in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer component. I had the rough equivalent of a heart attack on a silver map once and since then I haven’t been inclined to play them at all… until this past weekend.

One of my friends insisted on “doing our part” for the weekend event Operation Olympus. There was a certain number of bronze, silver, and gold maps that needed completion for the community goal (well, finishing wave 10 at least) and we’d already made a pretty significant contribution on the bronze end of things (at least 10 maps). So, I was told, “We’re doing a silver, but you can pick the map.” I picked Firebase White and then I agonized over which character to play. I settled on the N7 Destroyer with the Falcon assault rifle and the Piranha shotgun.

I had an amazingly good time on that map. It was rough at points (I died once), but I took advantage of the scenery and my devastator mode to unleash fury on the Cerberus troops that attacked us. Oh, the most notable thing? I didn’t have a heart attack. I handled myself well and I’m genuinely pleased about that.

We then did a second silver map. Firebase Dagger fighting Reapers. I got insta-killed by a banshee during wave 7 or so and was pretty pissed at myself and the banshee for it. I kind of sulked because I really wanted to contribute. I made it up though and (I think) I wound up in third place out of my friends. Again, I feel like I did really well and I think that the N7 Destroyer is the class for me on Silver maps.

Oddly, now that I have a taste for them, I want to play more. I mean, you get twice the money doing a silver map that you gain for doing a bronze map. I like being able to afford a Spectre pack after two maps instead of four. Also, I really like the N7 Destroyer. Any excuse to play it is fine by me.

Hm, I’ll have to get the group together sometime soon then.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” – T.S. Eliot


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