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Waiting for XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Okay, I’ve pre-ordered XCOM: Enemy Unknown. October can’t get here fast enough.

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you the contents of the PC Special Edition pre-order.

1) A fold-out poster of the XCOM base

2) Art book detailing the conceptual journey of re-imagining the classic.

3) Patch of the XCOM “Vigilo/Confido” insignia.

4) “Digital bonus items including multi-monitor desktops, soundtrack, and more.”

There’s also the Elite Soldier Pack DLC in launch copies of the game. The contents:

1) Complete Color Customization: A variety of colors and tints for all armor sets in the game allow players complete control to customize their squad’s look.

2) Soldier Deco Packs: Players can customize their soldier with several aesthetic upgrades to armor suits including the new Hyperion and Reaper soldier armor kits.

3) Classic X-COM Soldier: Players will instantly receive a new recruit in their Barracks inspired by the original X-COM: UFO Defense. The khaki jumpsuit and blonde, flattop hairstyle will return in its full glory, modernized with the rest of the XCOM universe.

My reaction? AWESOME. Let me clarify: typically you have to get special edition copies of the game these days to get any material awesome-sauce with your game. I remember a time when buying a game got you a manual, quick reference cards, and occasionally other goodies like a map and a poster. The Wing Commander games always gave you a manual for the game and a book that gave you more context about what’s going on in the form of a Jane’s Fighting Ships book or a ship-wide publication like Victory Streak or Claw Marks. Getting an art book? Getting the soundtrack? I expect this stuff from a pre-order. Getting the poster and the patch? That’s old school and I love it.

On the DLC: YES I GET AN ORIGINAL XCOM AGENT! I will name him Wolfgang and give him a string of numbers instead of his surname to reflect his stats! He will use a laser rifle and he will have a flying suit! Er… maybe.

So, yeah, I’m excited. I can’t really wait. In the meantime I’m playing the original here and there to get my fix of alien fighting goodness. Oh, by the way, watch the original intro and then watch the footage of the new one. There’s significant parallels in the intros to the two games and that’s heartening. I can’t wait.


Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. I think this is more appropriate than any quote I can conjure up for today:

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