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Gaming Goals – Stepping Stones

As of late I’ve discovered a little trick that keeps things going for me: setting short-ish gaming goals for myself. Mostly this has come in handy in playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Trek Online, although, I recall using similar tricks in Civilization IV and X-COM UFO Defense.

More specifically, these are goals that are outside of the quest related style ones that are prevalent in most games. I’m talking about “I’ll stop playing at the end of this zone” or “I really want to get to my legacy, but first, I have to finish this series” kind of goals or milestones.

It’s nothing new. In Star Trek Online, I’ve long had Vice Admiral characters (three of them actually) and while I’ve only recently attained Lieutenant General with a KDF character, the feeling is the same: I’m not a huge fan of pick-up groups and I’m not entirely interested in PvP or the end game content… so what do I do? Well, for one thing I started roleplaying with interesting players, but I also have been setting equipment goals for myself. By that, I mean I’ve been building sets of equipment for the Iowa and trying new things out. Currently, the latest build has been working out great, but I’m interested in switching from  an all Plasma approach to Tetryon beams and Quantum torpedoes. Plus, blue is my favorite color and I’d love to see what it looks like when I go all “death blossom” on things. My interests in STO have of late been in the Duty Officer system and building up enough materials (mainly dilithium) to build the weapons I want to have on my ship. That keeps me coming back… also I really love the Iowa. My approach has been to build up dilithium on my Federation character, Vice Admiral Vyris Tykin, for his Duty Officer purchases and build up dilithium on my Klingon character, Zemekar, for crafting purposes (as the Klingon Faction has an easier time of building up dilithium quickly).

In SWTOR, my goal was to get Vyris his legacy and that happened Friday evening. Since then I’ve only played him on Sunday evening (and a little on Saturday to get some equipment from a friend). I’ve finished the primary storyline on Alderaan and have moved onto the Nar Shaddaa bonus series. Once that’s complete, I’ll push my storyline along again. In the meantime, I’ve nearly reached 400 in Slicing and Treasure Hunting and Scavenging is around 271 or some such number. I’ve amassed over 300,000 credits and with not much to spend it on (thanks to not buying crafting recipes and relying on the crafting of friends for equipment) I’m just hoarding the money right now. I’m hoping to afford the guild bank in the near future, but I’m not overly concerned about it. As it stands, I’m enjoying myself and I’m making progress a little at a time. I’ve also learned that if you’re going to solo the game as a Scoundrel, go healing and just make sure Corso is well equipped. You should be fine if you can keep him healed.

It’s the little goals and little accomplishments that make things worth continuing. As in life, I get the same sense of accomplishment from finishing the dishes or cleaning the toilet that I do from killing 30 Sand People or destroying 5 of House Thul’s weapon caches. The quest based system certainly makes it easier to push along, but when there aren’t any quests left to do but the repeatable ones, make your own milestones and goals. I promise, making simple goals that take a bit of work to get to are just as satisfying as the ones built into the game. I just know that when I get my new weapons in STO, I’m going to be thrilled… and I’ll get to set a new goal for myself!

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Plans are insulted destinies. I don’t have plans, I only have goals.” – Ash Chandler

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