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Approaching Legacy – Star Wars: The Old Republic

Yes, I already know that Update 1.2 was called “Legacy”, however, since I haven’t made my own legacy in the game yet, I haven’t received any of the bonuses and a fair portion of 1.2 didn’t really affect me. This isn’t really about that though…

As of lately, I’ve been playing my Scoundrel, Vyris. The legacy I’m going for on the Sith Wyrm server is to be his last name and the rest of my characters (named for characters in The Enchanted Forest Chronicles) will just use it as a legacy title. It’s a bit of work and I’m going to wind up playing farther in the game than I have so far (I’ve never gotten past the beginning of Alderaan on the Republic side).

Today I’m working on the Taris bonus series as I finished the main storyline for Taris last night. If I do a bit every day, I should be able to hit the end of chapter 1 and start my legacy in a week or two or three. Maybe. If I finish the Taris bonus series today, I could start in on Nar Shadda and that place has four or five zones. I could do it in a couple of days and then comes Tatooine… yeah, Tatooine was fun for me because it was so straightforward compared to the island hopping that is Nar Shadda. Er, I should mention that I’ve done Tatooine maybe twice total (I’m in the middle of my second run of Tatooine, first as an Imperial).

My intention is to get my legacy on my Scoundrel first since it IS his last name. I’m finally motivated to muscle through my difficulties playing the game. The difficulties I have are simple: my laptop isn’t entirely capable of running the game as well as I’d like. In the near future I’m hoping to get a new machine where I won’t have to deal with the constant lag and the ridiculously low graphics settings. As it is, I haven’t seen all that LOTRO, STO, TOR, and more have to give me in the realm of eye candy. I just automatically set all the graphics as far down as they can go since I value performance over quality and I try to eke out something resembling a quality gaming experience. Seriously, I can’t stand it when my character “stutter walks” around thanks to skipped frames. Now I have a goal though, and it’s short term enough that I think I can punch through the skipped frames and lag pockets.

So, it’s time to muscle through a fair portion of TOR. Wish me luck.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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