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Playing a Jedi Knight in Star Wars: The Old Republic

This week I’ve been focusing on a Jedi Knight turned Guardian on a role playing server. I’ve talked about it recently in my vlog, but I want to talk about the experience a bit more here.

Last night I finished Taris out (including all the Heroic missions) and I started in on Nar Shadda. First of all, let me just mention the difference in terrain between the toxic swampy wasteland that is Taris and the high-rise city planet that is Nar Shadda. When flying to the promenade, it’s entirely floating (as far as I could tell). I think the whole promenade is a skyhook tower. Hm, anyway…

Being a melee based character in a world with guns is an odd thing, but the Jedi Knight comes well equipped for this. I start most fights with a Force Leap, diving into the fray and forcing the enemies to fight at point blank range, and follow up with a Force Sweep (to hit all the enemies around me and briefly stun the weaker ones) or a Blade Storm (which I get a free one after performing a Force Leap thanks to my skill specialization in the defense tree). Then I typically perform a Master Strike (a three-second move that strikes one target three times during the duration) followed up by a Sundering Strike (a move that causes the enemy to lose 4% of his armor while building up my focus). Typically by now, most enemies are dead, but if they’re still kicking, well, I got the Force Push power at level 26 and it’s amazing good fun. You can send someone (regardless of their combat difficulty) flying a good distance away. I like to follow up a Force Push with a Force Leap/Blade Storm combo. It’s very cinematic.

Of late, I’ve been neglecting poor T7-01 as a companion. I find that I really enjoy having my own Padawan following me around and contributing. Further, Kira is a great participant in fights and I just really enjoy her company. We’ll see what happens in the near future, but I’m not entirely too concerned about focusing on one companion over another because, well, you can just buy them presents later to get that affection score up. Everyone’s a sucker for presents apparently.

I’ve really hit my stride playing the melee tank. I do enjoy playing the ranged healer, but right now, this is the most fun I’ve had playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. As a Jedi Guardian, I can handle most things by myself. If it’s a Heroic, all I need is a bit more DPS or maybe a Healer and I’m good to go.

Currently (as of the beginning of the Red Light District on Nar Shadda) I’m level 26. Every time I’ve logged in I’ve done all 5 space missions available to me (the first day I got my ship I went from level 16 to level 21, so I was able to do them twice that first time around and I’ve been able to do them once a day since then). Then I dive into the questing. I think today when I get back to my character (if I decide to play more today) I will be looking for a group to help me with Blood Money in the Nikto Sector on Nar Shadda. It’s a Heroic 2+, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and bring some people along.

Also, I need to develop something for my Star Wars Saga Edition RPG for Tuesday night. My players discovered a strange token on the leader of a group of bounty hunters that attacked them in the Corporate Sector and a clue that’s pointed them to Tatooine. I have no idea what to do with the strange token or what they’re going to encounter when they reach Tatooine. Thus far I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants with regards to the storyline and the campaign events, but I’m not sure how much longer it’ll be appropriate to do that.

With this Star Wars heavy post out of the way, you’re free to go about your business. May the Force be with you.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “That is the one thing I do not worry about. It is my job to live with honor, to defend the Republic, to protect her people, to look after my ship and my weapon and my Padawan… My death is somebody else’s responsibility.” – Jai Maruk

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