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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Beta Interlude

Originally I had intended to write a post about why I want to serve the Sith Empire/Republic, but I didn’t plan on the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta going through today. Instead, I’m going to embed a video where I’m sharing a bit about my Commando. Last night (well, at three in the morning), I managed to hit level 18 and get my ship: a beautiful BT-7 Thunderclap. The video is of me showing off the interior of such a fantastic vessel. Further, space combat is awesome (if you’ve picked up a few upgrades first… they’re not cheap, but they make all the difference).

Today, my intention is to see just how far along I can get. I can guarantee you that I’ll be making a Commando when this game goes live. I’ve had tons of fun with my beloved badass, Talyta. Enjoy the video!


Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “The BT-7 Thunderclap is the Republic’s largest and most elite rapid assault ship—streamlined for fast deployment in combat situations. Upgrades requested by Republic Special Forces ensure reliable performance and durability: state-of-the-art armor plating and heavy laser cannons provide exceptional combat capability, modular shield systems protect the Thunderclap from enemy fire, and the ship’s design deflects blaster fire away from crucial components in the event of shield failure. Despite its efficient military design, the Thunderclap is outfitted with all manner of interior improvements. The main deck contains a high-tech command center and briefing room, a secure armory, and a fully-outfitted medical bay. Personal bunk space is above average, and recreational facilities are available for increased quality of life for the squad during extended missions.” – The SWTOR website

P.P.S. As of this posting I’ve done all the space combat missions twice (after upgrading my ship) and I’m now a good way into level 19. I’m getting ready to do some more of my story mission where I need to rescue a Senator. I’m so captivated by the story and I’m going to be sad to see my Commando go. Well done, Bioware, well done indeed.


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