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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Why I want to be a Jedi Consular


The Jedi Consular. Wizards, healers, sages, summoners and sorcerers fall into this category. These are the spellcasters of the Jedi Order. The lightsaber? For basic defense. The Force? Well, you saw the video.

Being a Jedi, they stand for truth and justice. Yet, where the Knight is the combatant, the Consular is much more social, much more attuned to the Force for the purpose of versatility. The Knight uses the Force to leap into combat and gain resiliency and to do more damage. The Consular uses the Force to spray their enemies with rocks, to lift large objects and fling them, to heal their allies, to increase the accuracy of their friends, and many more things. Some Consulars can even disappear as though they were mere shadows. Their roles in the order are also that of Ambassador, Artisan, Diplomat, Healer, Lore Keeper, Researcher, and Seer. They are truly the social workhorse of the Jedi Order and if I were to wield the Force and ever hope to gain some mastery over it, this is the route I would take.

All Consulars walk a noble path and I would be honored and proud to be counted among their numbers. They don’t just fight for the light, some Consulars are the brightest beacons of truth, justice, and the Force.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “A Consular is a specialized kind of Jedi. They focus more on cerebral Force skills. They’re our healers, our researchers, our seers.” – Zayne Carrick

P.P.S. This is the last piece my eight part series about the individual classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic but this isn’t the last I have to say about the game and my desires in the same context. There’s also two more articles I’m going to write in the same vein about why I want to fight for either side in this war. First I’ll talk about the Sith Empire (this will be the hardest one to write) and then I’ll finish with the Republic (so easy I’m practically salivating at the chance to write this one). Expect these in the next two weeks.


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