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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Why I want to be a Sith Inquisitor


Power. Intrigue. Dark knowledge. The Sith Inquisitor embodies these things and they’re oh so fantastic. Also, lightning. Lightning from my fingertips. Are you getting this? LIGHTNING FROM MY FINGERTIPS! THAT IS SO COOL!

Yeah, honestly, the force lightning is the real reason I like the class. Well, also, I like the concept that you’re a slave that moves up to being a Sith. I’m not revealing anything with that, they shared that info in this second video.


Initially I said the Trooper would win, but in the end, I honestly think they’re evenly balanced against each other. In fact, I think every class is evenly balanced against each other.

Now that I think of it, I would really like to see how the Inquisitor’s story works out.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. “There is a faction of meatbags called the Sith. They want what any rational meatbag would want—the power to assassinate anyone they choose at any time.” – HK-47


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