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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Why I want to be a Sith Warrior


Anger, hatred, fear – weapons and tools of the Sith Warrior. The phrase “by any means necessary” is something of a hallmark of this archetype. Admittedly, this isn’t really how I like to handle things. I have a penchant for playing much like I described in last week’s article on the Jedi Knight, however, there’s something visceral about the Sith Warrior… something darkly satisfying.

I think it’s something along the lines of beating something down with a baseball bat, a lead pipe, or something equally heavy. The satisfaction of beating on someone without holding back. It’s very animalistic and it satisfies a deep, dark desire.

Aside from those dark instincts that I’m quite sure a lot of people have, I’d really like to see how the Sith Warrior story progresses. Especially since I will probably make more light decisions than dark (so that I could sleep at night after a rousing day of gaming).

Oh! With regards to approach, the Sith Warrior feels like a “kick in the front door” kind of character. If I just want to get stuff done without hemming and hawwing about how to do it, the Sith Warrior is the way to go. It’s direct, it’s simple, and I fully expect it to be fun (on top of the visceral satisfaction I mentioned above).

Here’s the progression video with obligatory epic music:


I want to be a Sith Warrior. It looks like it would be a ton of fun.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. I thought of this quote while watching the progression video again: “If I see one more idiot attacking a Jedi with a blaster pistol, then I’ll kill them myself.” – HK-47


2 responses

  1. If I ever end up playing a Sith Warrior, it will be male and this is the reason why: Steve Valentine 😛

    October 11, 2011 at 10:33 PM

    • I dunno… he seems like he’d be better as a Sith Inquisitor. 😀

      October 11, 2011 at 11:06 PM

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