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Impression – Dragon Nest

A few days ago I was cruising some webcomics and when I went to read the blog on PvP, I saw this ad for a game. Well, I was interested, so I clicked on it and it led me to a game called Dragon Nest.

My initial impression? Meh, it looked to me like they had taken Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and whipped it into an MMO. I believe my thoughts were, “The character designs look like they subscribed to the School of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Art & Design.” That was a hasty impression though and after playing for a few hours I’ve come to really enjoy playing the game.

I’ve actually played each class up to level 10 or so and I’ve come to enjoy all four of them. When I got them all up to 10, I had a tough decision to make: which one would I keep playing? I chose the Sorceress, but let me talk about the classes individually for a bit.

The Warrior is a very basic class with strong melee attacks and sweeping strikes. His primary weapon can be a greatsword, a huge axe, or a massive hammer. Personally I loved using the hammer because not only did it sound like it did a lot of damage, it had a propensity for sending my enemies flying (which was extremely satisfying).

The Archer is built on a simple premise with rather graceful execution: she puts out arrows pretty darn fast and can take out most bad guys before they even get to her. Her primary weapon can be a shortbow (rapid fire but really short range), a longbow (longer range with a built in charged shot and higher critical ratings), and a crossbow (shoots three times at once). I believe she’s one of the most nimble characters on the battlefield and looking ahead slightly, she can upgrade into either a Sharpshooter or an Acrobat. Very fun to play.

The Cleric doesn’t start with healing initially. He winds up with a heal around level 9 or so, but in the mean time you’re very capable at whacking people with your shield or calling down lightning from the sky. This is a battle cleric in the best sense of the term and he’s designed to tank with an ability that allows him to just straight up block a couple of hits in a row. His weapons are the mace, flail (basically makes him have a short ranged area attack), and wand (which essentially allows him to pump out more lightning without using his skills). His crowd control is fun.

The Sorceress didn’t feel like fun to me at the start. I had to backpedal a lot and I was spending a bit of time every fight just waiting for my cooldowns. However, that said, if you tough it out for more abilities, it gets way more fun and you spend more time waiting for things to die than running from them. One of her abilities is a toxic spray that leaves two patches of poison that hit everything near them repeatedly, so while they’re hit-locked, I spray them with fire and ice and jack up that combo score! Her primary weapon is her staff (which rapid fires a bolt of energy up to a particular level where you can charge up the bolt for a nice little boom) but her secondary weapon is where the fun is: a book (which she can slap people with), an orb (which she can make whiz around her in a brief orbit), or a puppet (which allows her to very briefly summon a shadow beast that pops up out of the ground and hits out at things twice in front of her).

Anyways, the game play in this game is very satisfying. Hits feel right, sounds sound right, the graphics are fun, and the writing… oh holy crap, the writing is hilarious. Seriously, if you ever try the sorceress, just read the conversations she has during her introduction quests. I was laughing so hard the whole time. Truly fantastic.

For now, the game is in open beta and my friend just told me that maximum level is apparently level 24. I’m not sure when it goes out of the open beta phase (it was supposed to on the 11th of August, but that’s been pushed back obviously) so, we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I highly recommend giving this game a spin. It’s a little weird to start up though: you double-click the icon on your desktop, it brings up the website for the game, you log into the website, then you select the arrow next to the Play button to select Dragon Nest, and THAT is when you can play your game. Different for sure.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

P.S. Here’s my initial playthrough video as a warrior. Enjoy!

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