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Impression – Hellgate Global

So, last week I was discussing Hellgate London with a friend and we were lamenting the lack of multiplayer on such a neat game (you know, since the servers were now non-existent). On a whim, I did a quick Google search for “hellgate multiplayer” and I found a site that made reference to this game called Hellgate Global. It turns out that the company that bought the IP for Hellgate decided it would be a wonderful idea to release the multiplayer part of the game as a free to play MMO. Without hesitation, I signed up and downloaded the game.

First thing’s first: when you download this game, you wind up torrenting the files. This means you’re going to have around 6 GB of RAR files on your hard drive which then decompress to about 6 GB of an install directory which then install into about a 6 GB game folder. You can delete the first 12 GB of all that crap once you’ve finished installing. Sloppy installation. The last time I dealt with something similar was when Lord of the Rings Online was doing its beta for the Free to Play mode last summer and it left a folder with gigabytes of stuff on my desktop after the installation. Yuck.

Anyways, after dealing with the tutorial and suffering through a graphical glitch (that is apparently linked to having an ATI card on my trusty laptop… there’s a dll you can download if you search the tech support forum for the game) I managed to make some headway and start playing with my friend.

A note on this game: you WILL run out of inventory space and you WILL run out OFTEN. When you kill a normal bad guy (zombie, flesh golem, whatever) you have a chance of getting an item or some cash. When you kill enough normal bad guys in a zone, a Messenger of Hell shows up for you to kill. Upon killing this mini-boss, you get a pile of loot. If you kill more normal guys, another Messenger of Hell shows up with even more loot (ad infinitum or until you leave that zone). Oh, also, there’s this mini-game that you play as you go. If you accomplish certain kills (like kill three beasts, necros, whatever) and if you use certain energy types (like spectral, electrical, whatever) and if you pick up some items (like swords, guns, whatever), then this mini-game drops some loot for you and resets giving you three new goals to meet. Oh, and then there’s the normal bosses that you encounter as you play in conjunction with the occasional named bad guy and the occasional rare normal bad guy (like a Rare Imp or whatever). These specials usually drop a pile of loot. Fortunately for us, they’ve included a mechanism for scrapping in the field which nets some cash (occasionally) and some crafting materials (which takes up way less inventory space per stack of crafting material, but I’ve seen half my inventory eaten up by such materials).

What about selling these items I’m gathering in the field to a vendor for cash and profit? Well, the game actually gives you plenty of cash as you play through quest completion, kills that drop cash, or even when you deconstruct items in your inventory they occasionally give cash.

ANYway, the game play is pretty much the same as the single player Hellgate London. They retooled the first few areas, but as far as I can tell, the story and gameplay are essentially the same. I’m having fun playing a marksman again (spraying bullets for the win).

I highly recommend you give it a spin. Hellgate Global is a ton of fun and it’s even more fun in multiplayer. It’s like a post-apocalyptic Diablo II (developed by a lot of the same people even). It’s just kind of tragic about the original developers.

Until next time, remember the dead and fight for the living!

– Elorfin

P.S. “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.” – Old Man from Legend of Zelda


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