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Discussion – Sharing Memories of A Galaxy Far, Far Away

There’s this person on YouTube who’s been asking me if I could share some of my Star Wars Galaxies memories from before the Combat Upgrade and after and I’m doing my best to accommodate, but there’s a few issues. Let me explain…

1) I’ve been playing this game off and on since it launched. Some of my memories have been lost to the ether between brain cells over the last 8 years.

2) Some memories are extremely personal… especially a couple from the last four years or so. Galaxies entered my life and became a part of it so much that when bad things happened out here, they had effects in there.

3) If I share too many memories too quickly, I’ll be compelled to stop all other projects and stuff and to throw myself into the game again. Just how I am.

So, anyways, for dealing with my “complaining”, here’s a little story of how I’m a massive idiot sometimes. This may be shared on my YouTube channel later today and I might wind up relaying the information a little differently courtesy of memory.

When Jump to Lightspeed came out back in… oh, October 2004… I dove back into the game with a vengeance (I had recently been away thanks to only having a 56k modem connection and we had JUST gotten cable internet when this expansion came out). So, anyways, I didn’t realize that they kept your character around even if you cancelled your subscription, so when I logged back in and saw a naked character in place of my normal guy, I deleted him, thinking I’d been away too long. Alas, I found out later that everything was still there. Oh well. Instead I made my main character Elorfin Thendt on the Corbantis server and another character Vyris Tykin on the Lowca server. Elorfin was made a Rebel pilot and I wanted that X-Wing so badly. So when February 2005 rolled around, I FINALLY got my sweet X-Wing. Unfortunately, this was the time where the developers had to mention that now space alignment was connected to ground alignment and I misinterpreted this information and accidentally quit the Rebel faction, losing ALL the progress I had made in my piloting and losing access to my sweet ride.

I filed a help ticket, but SOE said it was my fault and that there were warnings in place. Unfortunately for me, the warnings didn’t make sense to me at the time. Oh well. Anyways, I got to Master Rebel Pilot by June that year, had my X-Wing back AND had better equipment because of it. I suppose it worked out.

Until next time, read the warnings!

– Elorfin

P.S. “Experience the greatest saga ever told…..yours.” – Star Wars Galaxies tagline.


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