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Discussion – Recent Developments

Recently I’ve been playing copious amounts of Star Trek Online and Lord of the Rings Online, almost to the exclusion of all other activities. I know, unhealthy, but there’s good reason.

Star Trek Online recently came out with their Season 4 update and, well, holy crap they did a lot of awesome things all at once! To summarize, they added a “shooter mode” to ground combat, reduced the cooldowns on ground abilities and, overall, increased the responsiveness of the ground combat portion of the game; they changed how the Borg worked in ground combat, adjusted weapon damage across the board, added voice chat into the game, changed the loading screens, updated graphics here and there, and made the Gorn look completely awesome.

Now, my personal project of late in STO is essentially to get the Explore and Defend accolades for every location (which is a lot of work) but the last couple of days I’ve just been trying for a minimum of 5/15 per region. I’ve succeeded with the Explore accolades and I’m now tackling the Defend accolades (and coincidentally I’m tackling the “Kill Enemy Flagship” accolade at the same time).

I’ve even made a recent adjustment to my playstyle, both on the ground and in space. On the ground, my main character Vyris wields a Phaser Assault Minigun Mk XI (I kid you not, when I’m in combat and using this weapon, you can hear me shouting “You want some of this? Come get some!”) and I redid a lot of my Bridge Officer’s ground abilities. I typically have on a ground mission two engineers, a tactical officer and a science officer, so I changed the engineers to both be able to summon Medical Generators (Mk II) and Turrets (Mk II) and Shield Recharge (Mk I), with one doing Weapons Malfunction (Mk II) and the other doing Quick Fix (Mk II). The tactical officer now has Draw Fire (Mk I), Photon Grenade (Mk II), Target Optics (Mk II) and Overwatch (Mk II) and the science officer is running Hypospray – Dylovene (Mk I), Medical Tricorder (Mk II), Vascular Regenerator (Mk II), and Nanite Health Monitor (Mk I). In space, the change wasn’t as drastic, but I swapped out Beam Array: Overload (Mk I) for Beam Array: Fire At Will (Mk I). This makes me feel like some kind of death blossom. When approaching a fight with multiple enemies, I activate Cannon: Scatter Volley (Mk I) and then once all the enemies spread around me, I activate Fire At Will and just, well… I’ll try to show it off sometime soon! Oh, and the U.S.S. Iowa-B (NCC-91061-B) has received a rather sizable refit…

Yes, that’s the United States at night that I’ve decided to use for my backdrop. You’re welcome. Here’s another for fun.

So, the significant changes to my ship’s appearance has been the black paint job, saucer section and, well, you can’t tell from these pictures, but I changed out the hull of the ship as well. Here, take a look at a lower resolution:

Anyways, that’s enough about Star Trek for now! On to LOTRO!

In LOTRO, I recently purchased the pre-order for the Rise of Isengard expansion coming out this September. I didn’t get the super duper awesome pre-order, but I did get the next one down, so I received a cool horse, an incredibly awesome looking cosmetic outfit, a title (Guard of the Isen), 1000 Turbine Points for use in the LOTRO Store, and a nifty little item that gives me an extra 25% experience per monster kill as long as it’s in my pocket slot. Very nice. Further, I’m progressing through level 59 and last night I took off the “kid gloves” and started beating Moria with a lead pipe… er… by that I mean I started working on Moria way after I should have. At least I got experience for every kill since my level 60 Hunter friend noted that nearly half of all kills we were getting weren’t even giving him experience (the level 51 monsters were too low level to give him anything but loot). I guess we put it off too long, huh? Oh well, it was fun! Also, the kinship I’m in has finally gotten a kin house and we’ve been having fun decorating and so forth. One of my friends decided to put this massive stone tower in the front yard of our house… note, this house looks like a hobbit home, so it’s short and built into the side of a hill… and now it has a big tower in front of it. Ah, the humor! Here, have a picture…

Also, here, have an imbedded video where I’m talking about the stuff I got from the expansion and showing off the new kin house.


Whew, a lot of things!

Until next time! Keep playing!

– Elorfin

P.S. “I was afraid that by observing objects with my eyes and trying to comprehend them with each of my other senses, I might blind my soul altogether.” – Socrates


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