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Fantasy Earth Zero – Initial Impression

Okay, I gave a whack at Fantasy Earth Zero (hereafter referred to as FEZ). After a couple of hours, I was still in the tutorial. The game is currently in Open Beta in the US and as a result, if you manage to FINISH the tutorial, you start play at level 20. Yeah. This is purportedly so you can try things out and see if anything’s broken.

Apparently this is an old game that is just now getting released here in the US for Free-2-Play. It’s not bad… it’s just… well, the graphics are very dated, in my opinion. Also, the combat is a little too sensitive to which way you’re facing. You can’t just hold down your mouse button to swing, you have to click every time you want to shoot/swing your weapon. Targeting is important. A bit too important for me.

I don’t have any screens to share, mostly because this is kind of an “In Progress” slash “Impression” piece. By that I mean, I don’t intend to continue playing this right now, so this is all you’re going to hear from me on this for at least a week or so. The reason? Well, Final Fantasy XIII comes out tomorrow and I’m really really excited about that. I have a feeling that the next post or two here may in fact be me gushing over how cool the game is. What I intend to do with it is actually discuss the game mechanics in much the same way as I have been for the other games I’ve poked at… only I don’t think I’ll be able to secure screens from the XBox for use here on my post… well, I guess I could take pictures with  my phone during gameplay…

We’ll see. Anyways, I recommend FEZ if you’re into massive PvP battles and old school gaming. FEZ has anything from 5v5 to 50v50 fights and it has complex battlefield mechanics like throwing down buildings to expand your teams territory and the like. There are three classes which act like rock paper scissors in combat (the warrior is good versus scouts who are good versus sorcerers who are good versus warriors) and there’s an equipment system that is at once very basic yet very streamlined. Oh, and skills for which way you’d like your character to develop. You have (for the warrior) basic skills like a ranged attack with a big swing and you have specialized skills for using a sword and a shield or a 2-handed weapon (exclusively). Likewise, the scout gets to choose between daggers and the bow and the sorcerer gets to choose between Fire, Lightning, and Ice. There’s also a complicated background story defining each country you can side with on the battlefield (there are several countries).

The game still has its bugs to work out, but it seems to be working decently well. I recommend going through the tutorial because it actually is kind of interesting (if absurdly long to finish). Also, pay attention when you’re doing the tutorial. I accidentally quit the tutorial at level 11 and I have no idea how to get back in, so, don’t hit the Exit button in the lower right in order to get back to town faster… it won’t work that way. As it is, I’ll have to delete my character and start the tutorial over in order to get back in (ugh, all that work for nothing!).

I may drop a post here before my Final Fantasy binging in order to discuss some more terms and such as well as some concepts I can share for those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about half (or more) of the time. Hey, knowing is half the… wait… um… yeah.

Until next time!

– Elorfin

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