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ACE Online – Impression

This is a little later than I’d hoped it would be and I probably could’ve written something earlier in the week if I hadn’t been sick at the time. Subagames’ ACE Online is a fascinating approach to the MMO and it’s very refreshingly unique (compared to the others I’ve shown thus far and probably the others I will show). It’s a game where you’re a fighter pilot and there are four different types of planes to choose from (each with varying styles and approaches nestle you into certain roles). The A-Gear is your tank (literally a flying tank), the M-Gear is your buffer/bonus provider, the I-Gear is your high speed interceptor, and the B-Gear is your all around air superiority fighter.

You also get to choose an avatar for running around the few towns in the game for buying/selling/equipping and other mundane tasks you perform in between shooting down enemies. In my opinion, this is the weakest part of the game, the wandering around town part. It feels kind of tacked on in some sort of afterthought. Thankfully, you spend most of your time flying missions in your chosen craft.

The towns are really just big open spaces with stores along the outer walls.

Overall, I love this game. It’s very different and very relaxing and satisfying. Explosions (from enemy fighters) and splats (from enemy critters) are your reward (along with loot that floats back to your plane) for the large number of kills you require for most of your sidequests.

You get skills and ability points that go towards improving your abilities in combat. Depending on your craft depends on how quickly certain stats go up. For example, the A-Gear IS a tank, so if you throw one ability point into Defense, you’ll get 4 Defense points. If you throw that same point into Evasion, you’ll only get 1 Evasion point. The B-Gear, because it’s “all-around” gives three points per ability point allocated.

Also, I love the refueling/resupply station in every field of combat. If there’s a bunch of aggressive bad guys chasing you, you can even do a touch-and-go where you land, do a quick rearm/resupply and take off IF you’re good (and I got good).

And now, another screen because I really like this game and I’ve only got a couple of minor issues with it.

My minor issues with this game are as follows:

– You hold the S key to put your airspeed at minimum. The issue here is that you wind up hold the S key most of the time you’re trying to shoot at stuff so you can actually STAY behind them.

– You double-tap the A or D keys to do a barrel roll. You can only do this once every three seconds and this takes about 4 skill points per. This function isn’t nearly as responsive as you’d like and it’s hard to judge when you’re about to get hit by the missiles you’re attempting to dodge. Well, either the function is either minimally responsive or the fact that I’m playing on a laptop kicks in here and the keyboard is limited on the input side of things.

– You’re forced to pick a faction at one point. Whichever faction you choose, your WHOLE ACCOUNT is LOCKED into that choice. If you want to be for the government but you chose the rebels last time? Sorry! Gotta go rebels.

– The screenshots? Bitmaps. I had to save them again as JPEGs. Pesky.

Okay, that’s it for ACE Online! I highly HIGHLY recommend this game for those of you who want something fluid and just plain fun to play! Like 9Dragons, I’m keeping ACE Online installed on my computer. Next, I’m going to stray from the list a moment because I’ve discovered a game I MUST try: Fantasy Earth Zero. It was mentioned in a recent (read: today) Real Life comic (link in the dooblydoo to the right) and I just had to check it out to see what it was. The trailer HOOKED me. Looks like a mix of Crystal Chronicles and a regular MMO if the trailer is any indicator. I’m gonna try this game out for my next posting and we’ll see what happens!

Until next time,

– Elorfin

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