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ACE Online – In Progress

Hey all, today I installed and ran ACE Online and managed to burn several hours on it before I realized what I’d done.

This is a rather unique MMO. You pick a plane (there are four different craft) and a character (there’s a bunch of those too) and you shoot down flying things (and sometimes you shoot down AT things on the ground). You get machine guns and missiles to shoot, your plane has shields and hit points, you have an afterburner, you can barrel roll to the left and the right, there’s a quick bar at the bottom of the screen for items and skills you acquire as you play, and there are a lot of quests to keep you going.

Overall, this game is pretty darn good. The only issues I really have with it stem from the part where you run around a town as your pilot. The movement is click-to-go, with the right mouse button for moving your camera. Pretty much the only reason there is a town for you to be in is so you can take a breather between missions and buy/sell stuff at NPC or player shops. The town and pilot stuff feel kind of tacked onto the game. The flying is so fluid that when you land, you’re left wondering how to move around nicely.

I like this game, mostly because it’s nothing like anything I’ve played online and it’s very active. I like it.

Until next time, here’s hoping I’m not that sick!

– Elorfin

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