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9Dragons – In Progress, Part 2

Really quickly, before I forget this stuff, I just wanted to mention a few cool things in 9Dragons.

Essentially the game is set up so that when you finish a quest and don’t know what to do, go kill stuff. When you level, invariably you can grab a new quest. The game is very vocal when you get a new quest by telling you in a system message at pretty much eye level on the screen that there’s a new quest for you and also, on the map there’s an exclamation point where the quest is. Makes guessing who to talk to a thing of the past.

Further, the method of healing in this game isn’t by potions (yet, I think). It’s meditation. You just plop down and take a few seconds to heal and regenerate your chi. It’s pretty cool.

Also, you can tell if things are going to be difficult or easy to kill by looking at their name. If it’s Red, stay away because it might just kill you for looking at it weird. If it’s Orange, it’ll be tough, but it’s kill-able. If it’s Yellow, it’s not so tough and it’s okay to give it a shot. White is on par with your level, Green is weaker than you and Blue is the weakest. These colors change as you gain levels to display your capabilities. For example, you encounter a Fox with it’s name in Green. You kill a bunch and level up and suddenly, the Foxes all have Blue names. Time to go kill some hardier stuff. I’ll show some of this in screenshots later.

For now, DFTBA!

– Elorfin

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