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2Moons – Impression

It’s time for my general impressions of some of the basic game play mechanics in Acclaim’s 2Moons.

Initial disclaimer: I gave this game a try some time ago and made a variety of characters and so forth. Trying it out again this time was an opportunity to focus more clearly on a couple of things for the purposes of analyzing the mechanics. I’d like to emphasize that I’m not here to comment on how awesome or un-awesome the game is, I’m just trying to see different game play mechanics in practice and see what I like best about the game I’m testing.

So, I hopped into 2Moons and snagged a few screens of the elements I was talking about in my In Progress posts. Here’s hoping I can put them in here with a minimum of fuss!

2Moons has a common base mechanic of zooming in and out on your character with the mouse wheel, moving your character via the left mouse click on a location or the WASD keys, and rotating the camera via the right mouse button. I found it very frustrating that I had to continuously rotate the camera while moving in order to see where I was going and I believe that a chase camera is something very important in a game like this.

I would like to point out a couple of cool elements that made the trip into 2Moons (however brief) worthwhile. First is the Auto Potion option:

Second, I’d like to point out the NPC Find pull-down menu on the local map:

Third, the available quest menu, first as an exclamation mark in the upper left of the screen to keep it out of the way and second as a list in the upper left when you need to see it:

Those three elements definitely appeal to me. Thumbs up to Acclaim for innovations and the like. Thumbs down for scenes like this keeping me from actually getting to NPCs in common areas:

I know it’s hard to read what all that text says, but you’re not missing out. I’m actually relieved to be done with 2Moons and hope I find more cooperative and less demanding camera work in the next game! I hope to have another game on my list looked at by the end of this week. Here’s hoping!

Until next time!

– Elorfin

EDIT: I forgot something I thought was really cool: If you kill something and it drops loot, you hit the spacebar and your character automatically picks up the loot. Very nice feature for those of us who remember Diablo II fondly but are tired of clicking a lot. Also, like in Diablo II, if you hold the ALT key, it shows the loot on the ground. This is a cool mechanic that should be in any game that has open loot drops.

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