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2Moons – In Progress, Part 2

I’m going to start off by saying that this time around I started playing WHILE irritated with things.

Already after a few seconds of moving around, I’m irritated with the camera and the movement controls. Further, I find it very extraneous to have a run/walk toggle in the R key when it actually serves no purpose whatsoever to walk in this game. You move FAR too slowly when you walk and it takes a long time to get anywhere even while running.

Also, I’m of the opinion that music really sets the atmosphere and I find that the TWO tracks that alternate in town get old rather fast (however decent they are).

I wish there was an in-game control listing so I could… ah, found it. Okay, hitting the spacebar picks stuff up, great, good to know! Of course, like in Diablo 2, holding ALT shows the stuff on the ground.

Okay… yeah… I think I’ve gleaned enough from general game play to give my overall (admittedly sparse) impression. Look for that in the next post.

– Elorfin

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