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2Moons – In Progress, Part 1

Once I’d fixed my whole password issue, I managed to get the game up and running. I picked a server and looked at a list of “classes” that had associated genders. Apparently the Azure Knights can only be male (and all the girls are very good looking) but I liked the name so I settled on that class. Then I was prompted with a starting location. I chose Loa Castle because I liked the picture they gave it. Yay, frivolous decisions?

I figured out the controls pretty quickly: Right mouse drag to move the camera, Left mouse click on a spot or WASD to move there.  Further, after looking at some of the standard screens (Character, Inventory, Area Map) I did actually remember playing this game once upon a time. Haha! I remembered something! Success!

While poking through the game options, I noticed something really cool: Auto Potion settings. Basically the game has an option to automatically use a health or mana potion if you reach a certain percentage of health or mana. The default settings were 82% and 20% respectively, but they’re on sliders, so it’s easy enough to change them… of course, the sliders are VERY sensitive. In two clicks, I dropped the health one down to 75%. It’s cool to see something like this in a game, but it seems to be kind of, I don’t know, unadvertised? Not obvious? Hidden? I don’t know how well it works, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye out for.

There’s this exclamation point at the upper left of my screen and clicking on it reveals quests that are appropriate for my level 1 Azure Knight. I don’t know as yet if they’re the same quests for everyone (I have a hunch that they are), but I also don’t know if there are any class specific quests in the game (apparently the main quest is tailored to each class because it led me to an Azure Knight specific trainer). Oh, but one of the coolest things ever is this “Find NPC” pull-down menu on the area map. I was able to find the NPC I was looking for in just a couple of clicks… unfortunately, it’s a bit of a walk to get there, but I could use the opportunity to get familiar with the city I’m in, so it’s not a wash. (Edit: Okay, I didn’t realize just how often I’d need to use the “Find NPC” thing in the area map. It’s a tool you HAVE to use if you’ve NEVER played the game or if you’re just not familiar with the area you’re in.)

I’m not sure I like how there’s no option for a “chase camera” in the menu. I’m not a huge fan of moving the camera around ALL of the time. I like having a button to switch between “mouse look” and “mouse control” modes. There’s also no obvious auto loot option (yay clicking the ground for stuff you can grab) and it’s sometimes rather hard to select targets for attacking (moving targets suck). Auto attack is very nice though, but my character seems to “walk fight” as it were. I mean that he winds up traveling across the area while beating on his target. This could be a problem if I were in a very aggressive zone or (in this case) if I wind up hitting another monster because the first one was pushed up against the second one and I killed the first one and whacked the second one with the same blow but wound up not continuing to attack the second one because my target for auto-attack was dead and so I had to select the second one and hit auto-attack again in order to keep from dying. (Woo, run-on!)

Interesting side note: I didn’t know moths and beetles had red blood.

I find it highly annoying that everyone’s personal shop was covering up the NPC I needed to talk to. There’s no way to target aside from clicking, so I got rather annoyed with all of the obviously AFK players. Oh, and the constant spam of “gold-farmers” (I assume that’s what they were advertising) in the chat channel was extremely tiresome. I eventually turned to party chat and left it there.

Interesting side note: I didn’t know large lizards that look like oversized iguanas had green blood.

Okay, it was at this point where I found myself getting highly aggravated with the camera PLUS all the AFK shops in the way of the NPCs I needed to talk to so I could continue the “tutorial” quest tree. I decided to stop playing for a bit. More of 2Moons later after I’ve chilled out some.

– Elorfin


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