A thoughtful and personal exploration of games

Hello from my little corner of the world!

Aloha to all you people who have lucked upon my little blog here.

I’m starting this up mostly because I have been bouncing around these thoughts in my head for a few years now and I’m looking to finally put them down where people might actually be interested in reading them, or at least in a location I can point to for reference and posterity. Further, I’ve got some spare time on my hands and I’d like to keep my writing and analytical skills working.

A little background into what I intend to be writing here: it’s going to be about games… video games… computer games… and they’re going to be the ones that interest me or that I can be talked into giving a shot. It’s not going to be about ALL games or even MOST games, but mostly online games of the massively multiplayer variety (with a few single player ventures thrown in). You see, I’m fascinated by MMO’s for some strange reason and this blog is an exercise in trying to figure out WHY I’m so fascinated by these beasts of the gaming industry. This blog is NOT going to be talking about politics (except as they relate to gaming) or about inflammatory subjects (except as they relate to gaming) and it’s not for me to groan and moan about how terrible my day has been (except as it relates to gaming). It’s here for me to discuss my thoughts and impressions about games that have caught my attention and this is where I intend to disseminate and process that information. Who knows, maybe if I ask enough questions of myself, it will cause other gamers to question their tastes and possibly cause those tastes to evolve over time.

At the very least, I intend to treat every game fairly, but I can’t promise I won’t get frustrated with some of them. Admittedly, I’m probably not the BEST player in the world, but I do promise that I’ll dedicate each entry to my impressions of the game mechanics at hand. Well, formatting is still up in the air, but that can be developed as I go. Oh, and this blog is definitely MY impressions, meaning if I have a bad experience, I will dismantle the experience to attempt to find out what made it a bad one and likewise, if I have a good experience, I will do the same thing. I’m not here to review games, I’m here to find out which game mechanics appeal to me and me alone. If I happen to inform other players decisions, awesome, if not, oh well. I already have an inkling about some things I like, so I might wind up talking about those first or putting them off until I have nothing else to discuss. I’m not here to force my opinions or perceptions on others and I’m not here to advocate one game over another. Game topics/content/whatever give context to mechanics and I’m not going to focus on those (although, flavor is always nice when dealing with crunch).

I hope this little experiment of mine goes well. MMO games make up a fair share of the gaming world these days and are a constant source of discussion amongst casual and hardcore gamers (hello F2P versus P2P). I won’t focus EXCLUSIVELY on MMO’s but I’ll give them more than a fair amount of my attention.

Oh! “Small” disclaimer! I’m not a computer programmer (although I’ve had some limited experience with such things in the past), I’m not an IT professional (but again, a bit of experience there), and I’m not employed at any gaming company (whether or not you trust me on that is up to you). I’ve got a degree in criminal justice and I’ve been playing computer games since the late 80’s (I was very young when I started) and I’ve been playing console games since the mid-90’s (had to go to friend’s homes to play on their consoles). This blog is going to be conversational and casual and I’ll be keeping “vulgar” terms out as much as I can (that might be difficult, seeing how Penny Arcade is my hero and they’re not exactly “clean” all the time). Okay, so this disclaimer is going on longer than expected, but I do need to warn you guys, I’m learning how to use WordPress at the same time I’m writing these things, so don’t expect anything to remain static for long while I fiddle with settings. Also, once I’ve figured out videos and sound and stuff, I MIGHT be uploading stuff to share, but that all depends on how willing I am to learn some new tricks and how much work it would take to figure that stuff out.

I’m just one gamer trying to make sense of what appeals to me. Here’s hoping I can keep everyone entertained while I stumble about the gaming world!

– Elorfin


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